Careless Prophecies – Pastor Femi Lazarus

I have been trusting God for a very simple way to communicate this.
If God has not put a word for a person in your heart, particularly with the instruction to communicate it to the person, please don’t say it. Don’t use the word “thus says the lord” carelessly.

Many people’s lives have been destroyed and some others paused because of random careless prophecies. For instance , it will be ridiculous to see a young man and tell him that God is saying he will never have to work to get money, etc. Whatever that may mean, it is a very serious statement, and it calls for certain questions;

1) Whatever that word many mean, is this the time for it?

2) Is this version of him carrying the required value enough to be a blessing to the extent that ‘people’ will begin to honor him with their resources. These things makes unbelievers question our faith.

For balances in handling prophetic words, be accountable. A random preacher who came visiting, or whose ministration you find yourself under cannot know you like your pastor. Be accountable to your spiritual leaders, then have personal relationship with God, spend time enquiring before you make major decisions.

Prophecy is good, but if God is sincerely not giving you any word for a person, bless them and move on.
This is not an attack on the prophetic ministry, this is so there will not be an attack on genuine prophetic Ministries. Prophecy is never a tool for manipulation, it must always confirm the inward witness of the believer, it is also not the primary way by which God leads the new testament church.
#ReadAgain .

Source: Pastor Femi Lazarus |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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