(Key To Managing Destiny Relationships)

– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

The greatest undoing that many ministers have caused themselves is that they trivialize destiny relationships.
If you don’t know how to handle destiny relationships, whether on the vertical plane or on the horizontal plane, there will be a lot of gaps in your life.

It is pride to think and say that you don’t need people or that you don’t need anyone.
No matter how resourceful and productive you may be, the words of the Holy Scripture are accurate; TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE … Ecc.4:9.
Losing money is not as painful and regrettable as losing precious destiny relationships especially when the fault is yours.

There are ministers today who don’t place value on destiny relationships.
They treat everyone as casual. They take privileges for granted. They abuse access. And they have what is called ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY.
And I have also seen ministers who are lethargic about precious destiny relationships – they’re just so cold and apathetic about such relationships.
See, dear friend, if you don’t place value on people, you will soon lose relevance.
Any relationship that is not NURTURED will RUPTURE.

I told a son and daughter in ministry today, “How do you stay relevant in ministry? Keep adding value”. Simple!
Don’t be in the habit of using people. Love them. Cherish them and care for them.
In ministry, you will often see ministers who just want what you carry but they don’t want “you”.
They like the anointing on your life but they don’t want relationship, and sometimes these folks can be so insensitive.

But listen dear friend; if you’re privileged to have right hands of fellowship extended to you, especially by those who love you and who believe in your calling, don’t trivialize that relationship.
Yes I know that you can’t always have relationship with everyone but be discerning, and when your heart connects with someone, then manage the relationship well.
Don’t use people. Don’t only call people when you’re in trouble. Show genuine love towards them.

Simple call to check on people; simple text message of encouragement; simple compliments on special occasions; simple gesture as giving gifts; simple courtesy of appreciating privileges; etc. go a long way in cementing and consolidating destiny relationships.
You see, HONOUR IN RELATIONSHIP IS MUTUAL. Don’t frustrate the other party by your nonchalant attitude – it’s a lack of a sense of value.
Sometime ago, we invited a great father in the Body of Christ for a meeting, and he had prepared for the meeting, but at the eleventh hour, the unanticipated made it impossible for him to come, so he couldn’t come for the meeting.

After the programme was over, we visited him and gave a seed of honour with a heavy hamper.
Now that’s how to nurture destiny relationships. That’s a sense of humanity. That’s what we call HONOUR!
Never give the impression that you always want to use people; nurture relationships with a rich sense of value and honour.
On a final note, the Holy Spirit ministered to me two days ago that two people may not have THE SAME VISION, but if they have THE SAME VALUE, then they’re good to go.

What does that mean? Our ASSIGNMENTS in ministry can be different but our VALUE SYSTEMS must be similar for us to have a hitch-free relationship.
So let’s take note Sirs and Mas. VISION may not always be the same but we must share the same VALUE.
That way, we can relate well in destiny and Christ will be glorified.

In all your getting, please get a very good skill of maintaining and managing destiny relationships.
The consequences of violating this sacred ethical principle are better imagined, as many ministers have tales of regrets to tell in that direction.
May the Lord help us all!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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