Do you Know that where death ends that’s also where resurrection starts..All happens in the grave.
Resurrection starts right in the grave. The seed of resurrection is death .
So when a thing is dying, it’s because it wants to live. We live in this kingdom by dying.

…”So then death works in us”
So when God wants to give you life, he first kills you(selfish nature)..
It is a realm called Galatians 2:20…”I have been crucified with Christ”..
It is a mystery that the more I die, I become alive..It’s the kind of death that can transit a man to life. The more I die, the more I realize am alive in glory, alive in grace..This is the price of the Anointing..
Let me submit to you, I don’t claim to know everything but the way people are seeking the things of the Spirit, they will never find it.There is no formular that can replace death.

It is not enough to be available, you must be usable.
The Bible says” nevertheless the foundation of the Lord standeth sure, having this seal..the Lord knoweth them that are his..and let every man that named him depart from iniquity..”
Then he goes on to say but in a great house there are all kinds of vessels of hold, silver and clay..some vessels unto honour some unto dishonour.. That means the possibility of metamorphosis is can transit from wood, clay into gold. He says that man shall be a vessel of honour meet for the master’s use.

Death is the doorway to what many believers are looking for .
You don’t die cooperately, you die individually.
And whole it is wonderful to be inspired by great men and women God is using, sincerely speaking, I speak on behalf of any sincere man of God, there are certain levels in the spirit that even impartation can not take.. It’s a well you must dig up n the Spirit.. It is a track record you must create n the Spirit.

That you come to a point where you die to yourself;
you die to vain glory;
You die to all of these impulses…
Laugh at him, it is not enough to offend him..
He has lost the ability to be offended..
Clap for him, he won’t wake up(feel proud)..
So for as long as we are still governed by these impulses that govern our spirituality, we will corrupt the move of God and his investment upon our lives.

Remember that we are dealing with the things of the Spirit.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.

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