After Revival, What Next?

For any movement to stand the test of time, there MUST be the rise of interpreters, in other words, men who can interpret what others may call a sound from above. Whilst others only heard a sound that filled the room they were standing in Acts 2, it was Peter who stood to affirm that this was that which was spoken by Prophet Joel, it was after this correct interpretation that the harvest of three thousand souls came in that same day.

In every generation, there are revivalits, those who stirs up the move and there is a consistent need of interpreters and everyone must be satisfied and secured to function in their jurisdiction, and yes, one is not greater than the other.

One major issue with most revival in church history is the problem of the ignorant spectators, those who begin to stratify men base on their yardsticks and assumptions, this usually result to many leaving their duty posts to enter into another man’s field.
Man your post

Know what they have called you for.
And yes, after three thousand souls came in, there were those whose names weren’t mentioned that got them baptized that same day. Not all will be seen, but all must work for the harvest to be secured, all that matters at the end of the day is God.
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Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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