My Shameless Experience

Seated on the third row bench of the main church auditorium, the Guest minister voice rings to my ear, “Come out if you want to dedicate your life to God, You’ve been a church goer; you’ve been coming to church but you know within yourself that you don’t have a living relationship with God, He continued.”

At this moment, many thought was running through my mind, I stood up and headed to the front of the altar, my hands and heart feeling sober and me saying; “God I repent my ways”.
Few hours later at home (in my private place), I had the urge to engage in a sinful act I often fall into; the pull was so high on me.
On the verge of yielding to my flesh a thought came to me, ” wait, Do you remember you just re-dedicated your life to God, Do you still want to go ahead?”

Immediately, I denounced my Faith. I made a mistake the time I came out for the call of salvation.” I don’t mean all I said at the altar, I muttered.”
Without second thought I denounced God; I denied Him; what a shameless experience to me!!
Little did I know that I will need Him to the end; If I had known , I wouldn’t have denied Him.

Listen dear one,
I know you’ve been longing to stop that act of masturbation, pornorgraphy and the likes but your flesh keep holding you back, after responding to altar call you still fall back into the act, Do you still believe that you can be free?
Yes! Your freedom is very much possible, enough of listening to the deception of the devil that it’s impossible to be free.

There’s liberty in Christ! After accepting him as your Lord and saviour why not cry out to him for help? He’s your creator and designer and will never say no to you.
Seek him sincerely and sought for the help of the Holy spirit to uphold you and keep you to the very end and practically, you might need to flee from whatever draws the tendency to fall into the act.

It’s wisdom to start speaking in tongues or call the name Jesus! If you’re not yet baptize with the evidence of speaking in tongue when the urge to fall into that sexual sin show up or leave the spot immediately and cry out to God in prayers, I believe by the help of the Holy spirit and your deliberate action, you’ll testify to the Glory of God.
I await your testimony!

Fire in my Bones Movement

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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