No one ever prays to be tie down by sickness or diseases as it were, in fact, sickness deprives one from enjoying the peace of the Lord.

But, what if you fell sick? Does that change God from being supreme, no!
Irrespective of how rich or intelligent you might claim to be, the moment sickness creeps in, that’s all the devil needs to make you question God. The big question is; will God still remain your Lord even at the point of sickness?

The pain and experience sickness brings is not always palatable to the flesh . In the midst of it, who do you believe in? The report of God or that of the medical practitioners.
The report sheet of God is the word of God and more intake you subscribe to, the more faster your recovery happens.
Jesus already bore all just for the peace of me and you, it will be an insult to God if you still went ahead trusting the doctor’s report than you believe in his word.

The report of the doctor is the fact while God’s report is FAITH! Tell me; which will you subscribe to? Mixing your faith with the word of God plus the drug subscribe by the doctor get you healed.

Though some believer might say; “I don’t believe in taking drug. ” I won’t agree less, but do you have enough faith to receive your healing?
Trusting God for what you don’t have faith for is wasting of time, so it’s wisdom to prosper at the present faith-level you’re while you trust God to step up in faith as you fellowship with him.

Conclusively,relating with God from the Faith-level of another believer is ignorance,stay in your lane and grow in faith.
Trust you’re blessed?
Share your biggest take away with me in the comment section.

Fire in my Bones Movement

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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