(Apostolic Charge For Balance In Ministry)

-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Dad Hagin, throughout his entire life and ministry, always encouraged us to “PUT THE WORD FIRST”.
Now, that’s the best way to live as a Christian and as a minister.

Sometimes, putting the Word first will cost you some relationships in ministry but if you stand on the truth of God’s Word and you walk in love, you aren’t standing alone and you aren’t walking alone.
You can’t be in ministry and you want to play to the gallery as well.
The Word must be your sure Anchor and your strong Foundation.
The JB Phillips Translation of 2 Timothy 3:16 reads:

The Scriptures are the comprehensive equipment of the man of God, and fit him for all branches of his work.
That’s a whole lot! That’s strong! Isn’t it? Put the Word first dear minister and preach and teach it in love.
You’re not wiser than God, Who inspired the Scriptures by the Spirit of prophecy – 2 Pet.1:20-21.
Now let me say this again; if you’re standing on God’s Word and walking in love, you aren’t standing alone and you aren’t walking alone – the Lord is with you.

You must conquer the fear of what people will say and let the Spirit of God bind your life with Scriptures.
Don’t be a minister who speaks from the two sides of his mouth because you want to please men.
Preaching and teaching the Word in good conscience comes at a cost, but think about this; THE PRICE IS NOT GREATER THAN GOD’S GRACE.
If what you defend in the secret, you cannot defend in the open, then you should not be in ministry; you should be in politics because it’s politicians who play those gimmicks.

Don’t allude to the prosperity message in the secret, but when you come out in the open, you’re neither here nor there.
No, a man of God doesn’t behave that way. For you, your public life is a reflection of your secret life.
Beware of double standards. Bishop David Oyedepo preached the message of prosperity and radically changed the face of Christianity in Africa; he lost relationships for it but he’s still standing today, and in his light many others have seen light.

Ever wondered how those fathers survived the barrage of verbal/media attacks and cynical criticisms and are still standing today? Thank God they didn’t check out in fear.
Something happened some years ago; a beloved servant of the Lord did something to me that wasn’t right and I didn’t buy into it.
So, one of my friends, on the basis of allegiance to the man of God, decided to mellow down on my relationship with him.

One day, I spoke to my friend and asked him, “Sir, you’re a man of God. In the purest of your conscience, this thing that this person did, is it right and is it in line with Scriptures?”.
He responded, “No, it’s not right and it’s not in line with Scriptures”. So, I said, “Case closed”.
Two of us are back together but the truth is that I will not sacrifice the sanctity of Scriptures on the altar of ministry friendship.
That’s why sometimes, ministry friendships don’t last – people don’t tell each other the truth – they’re just smiling at each other, playing along even when the Word of God is compromised.

Sir and Ma, PUT THE WORD FIRST. You will lose some relationships for it. You will be misunderstood for it. And you will be wrongly labelled for it.
But if you stand strong, in your light shall many generations see light.
Don’t say something in secret and say the opposite in the public – it’s not the best way to live as a Christian and as a minister.
When some folks came up on social media few years ago as a swarm of flies to attack teachings on tithing, honour, prosperity, fathering, etc., I intensified teaching along those lines.
I didn’t sit on the fence to change my position because let God be true and every man a liar – Rom.3:4.

That wave has died down now. We don’t know another one that will come up tomorrow. But as a man of God, PUT THE WORD FIRST and don’t be apologetic about it.
By God’s Grace, no matter all kinds of negative waves and boisterous winds of doctrine that may blow around, I believe in THE TOTALITY OF GOD’S WORD AND AND THE FULL COUNSEL OF GOD, as witnessed to by God’s holy prophets and apostles.
Moments after moments, Dad Hagin’s words, “PUT THE WORD FIRST” ring in my heart.
Dear Friend, that’s the way to go. You’re a MINISTER; not a POLITICIAN.
If you believe it in your heart and your conscience bears witness to it in the Holy Ghost, then stick to it in the open.

HONOUR ALL MEN but never violate your conscience or the sanctity of God’s Word to please any man.

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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