Have you ever heard or seen anyone decline the word “Thank you” before? Of course, no! As simple as that word sound, it carry a powerful effect in the spirit especially when you’re saying it to God.
Thanksgiving is an act of acknowledging God as the main source of your life.

It’s not done casually but deliberately based on the deep thought of how far God has kept or brought you.
At one point or the other you’ve heard the saying; “if one is grateful for little things, bigger ones will come his way, the same thing applies to God.
Anytime you render thanksgiving to God; you’re indirectly saying, “Lord! I acknowledge you as the source of my life, I’m qualified for more.”

But the shocking part is that we fail to thank God for the multitude of mercies and grace we have enjoyed yet asking for more.
If you can hail a rich man and provoke him to bless you out of his abundance, how much more God?
God always check the estimation you give him in the place of praise and worship. Is it coming from your heart? What if he choose to keep you in the waiting room, will you still reference him?

In short, as we gradually move towards the end of the year 2021, why not take out some hours or days to reflect on the faithfulness of God?
if it will take you to write down all he has done, please do and start thanking him for each of those things.
You don’t have to wait for cooperate worship concert before you render thanks to God, thank him daily and make it an habit.

Can you quickly confess with me that ;
Lord! I’ll always give thanks to you.
My generation will never lack the act of thanksgiving.
We will worship you forever.
Dear Jesus, I ( input your name) is saying, “Thank you, Lord!”

Fire in my Bones Movement

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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