Sometimes this year, the story of the convert of a pop singer went around. Chidinma was once a worldly artist who knew nothing about Christ, using her gifts to populate the devil’s kingdom. She might have heard about Christ but didn’t accept him.

This year, Salvation came to her. Now, many souls are drawn to her through her gifts. She now sings and uses her talents for Christ. She is now a born-again Christian, now in the fold of Christ and working for the Lord.
Apostle Paul wrote many books in the bible of which we use as guidelines as Christians.

History was told and recorded in the Bible of this same Paul whose real name was Saul, a persecutor of Christian. He never wanted to hear anything about Christ. He never wanted to see anyone preaching or telling others about Christ. Saul would lead other persecutors to go kill Christians.

The blood he had shed.
Christian lives he had killed were uncountable.
Campaigns he has led against Christ were much.
Yet, He saw the light.
His name was changed from Saul to Paul.

He met Christ and became the number one advocate of Christ.
He went around preaching the word of Christ and converting souls to the kingdom of God.
Some of the books of the Bible were written by Apostle Paul.
(See Acts 22 to learn more about Paul)
Nobody is beyond salvation.
Nobody is written off from knowing Christ.

No matter how grave the sins of a sinner might be, the gift of salvation is free and always open to him or her.
Have you known Christ?
Do not write off nor look down on people who are yet to know Christ. Do not because of them not knowing Christ segregate yourself, rather, be an ambassador for Christ.
The assignment God has given you and me is to represent Him in our working place, represent Him anywhere you find yourself.
Tell others about Jesus.

Preach the word of God to unbelievers and pray for them.
Would you be happy if your loved ones are in hell and you are in heaven?
Nobody is beyond salvation.
Make them disciples, so we can work together to populate the kingdom of God.
Are you reading this and you are yet to be saved?
Here is another chance for you to accept Christ.

Invite Christ into your life right now, He is waiting, knocking at the door. Christ’s salvation is free and eternal.
Eternal joy and enjoyment await you.
Say this prayer,

“Come into my life today, Lord Jesus, Take hold of my life and be my Lord. I need you to take the reign in my life. Jesus takes the wheel. Amen”

Fire in my Bones Movement

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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