Every time you realize your life is not producing the results desired, it’s time to check yourself.
Enter your secret place and ask, Lord what is responsible for this?

Don’t sit down and blame people or situations.. Something must be wrong that you need to find out.
Bad lucks everywhere in your life..Destiny helpers leave you, you had an accident, you arrived late and missed something good.. something is wrong. Go back and ask the Lord in your secret place what is wrong.

God corrects men using fire.. in God’s economy, he never throws men away, he corrects them. When you find out that your life is unfruitful, your prayer life has gone down, it is possible something bad was introduced to your life..You ask, what is the use of serving God when all I see is bad things happening to me? When God wants to help you, he puts you in a fire that prunes. When you are in the fire, there is no talking.

Everytime your life looks silent, there are times in your Christian experience that it was when you prayed for God to use you, He says he will do that but from that time God keeps silent..He is working on you..He puts you in a fire and leaves you there for all that came along with you(wrong mindsets that come with your background, your weaknesses etc,) to get burnt..He can’t remove them from you using cold, He uses fire .

So you are asking God a question, Lord please what are you saying about my ministry? Lord the people I got born again are moving forward and am here..Lord you promised me that I will be a prophet to the nations yet am here..what is happening?
Lord you said you will use me to crush down the altars that come from my region…Lord will you please speak to me?….And he is silent.

The only thing you know is that your prayer life is increasing strangely, you are getting unusual insight suddenly from the Bible, then you find out also that your Spiritual senses have been heightened…but you will never hear his voice about your situations…YOU ARE IN THE FIRE.

And then all hell breaks loose..It looks like everything around you is falling apart..I tell you the truth, don’t mind what you are seeing and don’t be carnaly minded.. The things that you see are temporal..What you call defeat is the exit of the viper from your life.. It was when the tree was put in fire that the viper came out in the day of Paul.

When God wants to help a person and the people, he will cause you to encounter that fire.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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