3 Quick counsels ahead of 2022

1) Avoid making your current level a doctrine.
The truth of God’s word is eternal, and it is irrespective of your experience, when you speak from that stance, you are speaking from an eternal perspective.

2) Learn from people, not from the side effects of their process in life.
As powerful as processes may be, it is not just God that makes something out of it, sometimes the devil still tries to take advantage of a level of ignorance and misconstrued everything. Avoid idolizing your processes, the grace of God is greater than it.

3) Let your heart be pure towards all men.
In every state, your heart can give you a message. When it is wrong it can give you a message and when it is correct it still will, and both will look accurate.
Be true, be honest and have people around you who necessarily don’t share your weaknesses, they can be used of God to lift you in gloomy days.

Merry Christmas in advance.

Source: Pastor Femi Lazarus |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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