She is Emerging!
Her eminence is hither!
Her greatness is now!

Histories began with her,
She’s pioneer of great innovations,
The world revolves around her creatives,
Her knowledges, alluring the universe,
In her freedom, many were her renovations,
In her services, many were her artifacts,
Worthy were her works,
Shes mother breeder of humanities, until white gods appear,

Fifteen centuries ago,
Sold out by her own to aliens,
Shes historically personified with laudable secrecies,
White “gods” arose for this acquaintance,
But her captains sealed her posterity on paper
So-called whites as god from moon
” While buy the cow, when its milk is free”-proclaimed the god.

Five persons of lesser power sized Her,
Stacked her and her Reserves,
The gods shared her populaces among another
Took over her political responsibility for one-third of her people
And sized her territories larger than him,
The god head governs her giant,
Her homes grow into silo
Rationalize as helping her gain a better life.

Slavery and Racism headline each day,
Afflict her for her reserves, used for his benefits
Employed her in her birthplace, to snip,
Offered Jobs, yet sip her freedom
Waged her, yet extort,
Progenitors were gears for this god, their gore were lubricant
Hitherto! stacked as trade into servitude, but survived.

Negro walked dessert for days without diet and liquid,
Nights in forest, but not cold
Strip to nakedness, yet bold,
Walked a long walk to place she is alien from the “sun”
Lost her way home, and finding liberty where its negotiable
Despite her thick and dithering,
She survived the dearth of burning days.

Proud of her, to be born of her,
Proud to be her child, nothing wrong being a Negro,
Celebrating my heritage, Confronting my Challenges,
Indeed! free from her bewilderment, and transmuting my people
Africa is Ours; it is our Africa,
So long the walk to Peace, Hell is farther from Us
OH! Her Eminence.

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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