In prayer we hold God’s Hand with one of our hands, and point to our struggles, one-by-one with our other hand. Prayer frames our lives with the changeless character of God. Prayer is not so much talking to God as it is talking with God.

Prayer is the only means God left us to make sense of life, that is why it is the only choice we are to make ceaselessly.
Prayer is when we connect the truths we know about God, with the realities we face in life. To start understanding this vital truth more clearly, go back with me to the birthplace of praying ceaselessly: it flows from Christ’s command that we pray “in this manner”.
Today we are going to do an interactive study of what God’s character and attributes mean, and how we can reach out and actually hold onto God’s Hand as we walk through life facing each of our daily struggles: Even those struggles that will last for the rest of our lives.
That manner, commanded by Christ is what we commonly know as the Lord’s Prayer. In the model prayer pattern that Jesus taught His disciples, we find seven areas that need attention each time we pray: our focus, surrender, our connection, our cleansing, and so on.
Our connection to God as our Father flows from our new birth when we were connected to God. The more we understand God, the stronger and more useful our side of the connection becomes.

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Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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