Never let People Affect your Walk with Go

1. Never let the way people treat you at a Church make you turn against God. Many have stopped fellowship with other Christians, worse still have stopped their private fellowship and walk with God because they were hurt by people they trusted. Don’t give people that much power.

2. You probably didn’t know the people who treated you this way when you got saved. You met them along the way so why let it get to the root of your walk with God. You can’t get back at people by walking away from God trying to bring them under guilt that they caused it.

3. The truth is, they didn’t cause you to leave God you have chosen to. No one is doing or has done great things for God who didn’t at some time get deeply hurt by others. This should make you refocus your life on him and spend time worshipping him. Give it to him in prayer.

Source: Pastor Poju Oyemade

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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