-Pastor David Ibiyeomie
You are saying all fingers are not equal, must you be the smallest, why not be the tallest, you’re quoting it upside down. So, the man began to have negative expectations because he does not understand the Word of God.

They say that in every marriage there must be trouble and if you ask them why, they say when we marry, we would expect. Do you know people expect to divorce before they marry, they will say if it doesn’t work then I will walk away. So, from the beginning of the marriage failure has started because the expectation is wrong.

Look, I am going in, if it doesn’t work then I’ll step out. I can tell you that you will divorce because from the beginning you have a faulty expectation. Why must you expect that you will pack out? Some people will just say that, my child that has gone to school are you sure nothing will happen to him? The expectation is wrong.

How do you expect that your child will go and have an accident? Understanding of God’s Word is the Key to having strong expectations in life. Good understanding of the Word has the ability to inspire strong expectations in your heart. Because understanding leads to conviction, conviction leads to expectation and expectation triggers miracles.

When you have a strong expectation, you won’t be confused by anything, you’re sure that this thing must happen.

Church Gist.

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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