DID YOU KNOW THAT: Most Jews believe that Jesus didn’t fulfill his role as the Messiah, Meanwhile, Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet.

There are four kinds of sins.
The thing about sin is that sometimes, the person isn’t aware that they have sinned. Simply, the Bible listed the four types of sins:

Sins of Attitude (false pride, unjust anger, bitter envy, and malicious hatred); Sins of Action (blasphemy, committing adultery, getting drunk, and stealing); Sins of Neglect (missing a Sunday mass, not giving alms, etc.); and Sins of Intent (“a sin committed in wish but not in reality”)

The Roman Empire made Christianity its official religion in 325 AD.
It took a few centuries before a Roman Emperor legalized Christianity in 261 AD. In 325 AD, Emperor Constantine supported Christianity as it slowly became a popular religion among the Romans. It was during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign when the term Roman Catholic became mainstream.

Most Jews believe that Jesus didn’t fulfill his role as the Messiah.
It’s a little ironic that his people don’t believe in him when he’s a Jewish man prophesied to be the Messiah. Aish.com listed the four reasons why Jews don’t believe in Jesus: he did not fulfill the messianic prophecies, he did not embody the qualifications of a Messiah, some mistranslated biblical verses, and God did not reveal to the Jewish nation about Jesus’ coming. Up to this day, the Jews are still waiting for “Messianic redemption.”

Meanwhile, Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet.

The Quran’s records of Jesus slightly differ from the Bible. If the New Testament described him as the “Son of God,” the Surah Maryam called him the “Word of God.” This matters greatly, of course, as this makes Jesus a man, a prophet specifically. Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies mentioned that “most Muslims believe he was a prophet from birth, but certainly not the Son of God incarnate.”

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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