Have you heard about the time Kathryn Khulmah the world-known female evangelist made a mistake? She woke up back and realized she had been walking on a dead end.

She retraced her steps back to God.

Standing near her at the railway station that would take Kathryn away to begin again the journey she had lost with God, WHITRIP, (the mister she had married without God’s permission) realized they had been fooling themselves for long.

He thought within him, even when they knew they were not meant to stay together. They kept plunging in and walking without God. They preached for God but never followed what they preached.
Deep down, right from start, they knew they weren’t supposed to be together. She wasn’t his, He wasn’t hers, but they kept on putting up a front. Thinking they would be able to face it. God would let it go and grace will cover for them.

As he stood, waiting behind her for the train, The moment of truth came but time had been wasted. The years of Kathryn’s ministry have been lost.

Kathryn realized herself after six years, out of her nothingness left, she got a second grace.

What wrong turns have you made?
What stops you shouldn’t have made that we have?
What wrong decision have you taken?
The mistakes we have made and still in it?

The spirit testifies we are wrong but we continue to dwell in it.
Stop fooling yourself.

Is it relationship-wise?
Holding on to things you shouldn’t hold on to?
Deep down you know it isn’t meant to be yours but you’ve held on for whatever reasons known to you. You keep holding on to him or her hoping grace will cover you.

Financially, what wrong efforts or steps have you taken? Your conscience speaks but yet you persist in it and want grace to abound?

If it isn’t of God, it will lead to a dead end.
If God is not the convener, you are wining a lost battle.

Let every turn, decision, and stop about you be of God first.
Prayerfully Pray

Fire in my Bones Movement

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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