The unfair Man: Three (3) Guiding Variables

The man that life will be unfair to is the one who does not care to know what is working for him, that if altered; things may start going south.

This is the height of carelessness!
There are three variables (3 Ps) that I reckon that we must all pay attention, to note their impacts when they are present with us and also the corresponding disadvantages that characterise their absence. They are: PRINCIPLES, PRACTICES and PERSONS

These are fundamental rules and guiding beliefs on which our values are formed.
It’s not wise not to be able to identify the principles that are game changers in your life, because if you are ignorant of them you can change some innocently and your life will never remain the same. The major problem would now be your inability to know the loss of what is responsible for the quagmire, consequently solutions become far from reach.

Things that we do repeatedly are not only pioneered randomly. Some of them might be token of covenants pioneered from the spirit realm but adopted calmly by a man in alignment without any spectacular sign.

For instance, a man may just feel led to be praying at 12 am in the midnight everyday; or led to give certain percentage of his income to a kingdom work or to an orphanage home every month; or be inspired to serve for free somewhere etc…

By faithfulness to that practice, he begins to experience a quantum leap in major areas of his life. If he stops this practice, his willpower may not be strong enough to keep the enemy afar from his reach. On that account, such a fellow may begin to suffer losses gradually till he rebuilds his broken covenant wall.

Now, I know there is an higher understanding that could secure him from losses, with or without the practice and that’s about the faithfulness of God through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus. But you see, when it comes to covenant practice it is a must to play your part!
Before you argue with the post, do you have any covenant practice? If no, that maybe why the plot of your life has been irregular and cannot be normalised as you often do not know what to adjust to get lines of best fit.

Men are custodians of great possiblities! People become people through people!
God makes men through men!
Satan also destroys men through the gift of men!
Because it is the world of men, it matters who is in your life and who leaves your life at certain seasons.

You should discern what each relationship and/or association portend, lest you become a victim of it. If you feel everyone is the same, you have been deceived. There are individuals you can meet once that would change your life trajectory for ever. You can take this to the bank!

When you know all these, it would be easier to know what to guide jealously and also to quickly decipher missing links at junctures of severity.
The beautiful thing is that if you have the Holy Ghost inside of you, He would lead you to know what to do per time. But if you lack understanding of management of the 3Ps, your life will drag despite the Holy Ghost because He is a person too.

May you not suffer loss and may needless pain cease in your life in the name of Jesus.

– Ajisafe Olawale M.
Source: Pastor Wale Ajisafe|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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