Guard your Heart

You can never be depressed about a level you are truly grateful for.
Gratitude goes beyond dancing during praise and worship. People can finish dancing and go back home to weep about something they don’t have, or something they feel could be better.

Particularly in ministry, when the feeling of deep seated appreciation to God about what He is doing in your life and ministry is missing, you are likely going to fail every next test; the test of little beginning, the test of contentment, the test of envy, the test of jealousy, etc.
Lack of gratitude brings inner dissatisfaction, it makes you feel what you are doing is nothing until it gets to a level, which results to darkened counsel, the fellow who is not grateful, definitely not joyful will begin to fetch revelations from a well that is definitely not the wells of salvation, because it is only with joy we can fetch from the wells of salvation.

This fellow will begin to fetch from a well that the content can’t set those who drink from it free, it will rather put them in more bandage. They may be excited about it for a while, particularly because it ministers to their own insecurities also.
When you begin to hear people say “It is not about this and that” something that God has blessed other believers with that they are yet to have, then you know, gratitude is gone, joy is gone and now there is darkened counsel which seems to endorse only those doing what they are doing.

To assume that when other believers have speed it is because they are not as deep as you or because they have left the truth, this is the ministry of darkened counsel.

Read this again

Take cover!

Guard your heart.

Source: Pastor Femi Lazarus |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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