Is this the Jesus you know?

“And Jesus said unto her, ‘My daughter, this abuse by your husband – your black eyes, sliced lips, broken jaw… This is the cross you bear for the Kingdom. You have an opportunity to die a matyr. You can only leave your abusive husband, you cannot divorce him. And the purpose of leaving is so your church and family can work out reconciliation.

You must go back to him. And if that is not palatable to you, you must remain unmarried, till you die. I know you’re only 27, but my grace is sufficient for you. The implications are grave but this is what you bear for the sake of the Gospel. Since you didn’t have children when you left your husband, you must remain childless. If you marry another man you’re in adultery, and your children will be produce of adultery.

You’re supposed to intercede for your spouse to change his ways. And you should have prayed more before you married. Yes, I know he sleeps with a knife under his pillow but you can nullify that in the spirit. The Devil is just attacking homes. If I allow you to divorce everyone will start divorcing, and you know I said I hate divorce; though to be honest that statement and all the others I made on marriage and divorce have been taken hopelessly out of context.

I was correcting anomalies and abuse of the law of Moses… Never mind. The point I’m trying to make is that you either reconcile with your potential killer or you suffer for life. You can’t receive love and affection from another man if you separate. If you “burn” I will hold it against you. These are spiritual laws! You and your husband are bound eternally, though there’s no marriage in Heaven.

All these may sound like I’m punishing you but it’s love. It may feel like widowhood but it’s not. You have long years of suffering ahead of you, but my grace will be sufficient.'”
Is this the Jesus you know?

Source: Leke Alder

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


One thought on “Is this the Jesus you know?

  1. Feel free to delete this comment if you find it offensive but this husband has failed miserably in his duties to treat his wife with respect, to live her as he lives himself and to love his wife as Jesus loved the Church. Submitting to a husband and being used as a husband’s punching bag are not the same. The husband should repent and beg God for forgiveness. This woman’s in a Godless environment. I think Jesus was pretty clear God took priority over everything including marriage. If she’s still alive then I hope she gets away from this creature and finds a place where God is the priority. So, no. This isn’t the Jesus I know.


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