The Kingdom of GOD is not One without demands, hence the Living-reality of being an object of Divine pleasure requires alignment with the Kingdom’s demands.

Yes, we have been “accepted in the Beloved”; a reality which establishes the legal side of our being objects of Divine pleasure. However, there is also a living(organic) side, which will require the works(Actions, Utterances and Lifestyle) that portray alignment.

While we have busied ourselves with doing many good things: Prayer, Fasting, Kingdom Service, and Acts of Sacrifice; We must remember that there is a “foundational demand” that gifts acceptability to things that we do, This Is “THE DEMAND FOR CONSECRATION”..

Our Persons, Desires, Motives, Processes, Actions and Outcomes must be unto One end, which Is GOD. Where these elements advance or express unto another, we will have failed in responding to the demands of Consecration.

A Life Unto One, where The One Is GOD; This is CONSECRATION

Ultimately, Heaven will classify us as Reasonable Servant, or Unreasonable Servants based on Our attendance to this Demands… “THIS CALL IS TO MAKE THAT WHICH HEAVEN CALLS FIRST, TO BE THE FIRST; CONSECRATION(OF


Grace, In JESUS Name!

Your Brother,
Tolu Agboola

Rev. Toluwalogo Agboola

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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