Influence in Ministry

It is God who gives influence to men.
It is however not a product of accuracy or perfection, it is a product of trust; that God can trust the heart of a man.

Influence is good, light has no essence if it is under a bushel.
Ministry however is not about it though it helps us reach more people, ministry is about fulfilling the specific instruction God has given you, and advancing His kingdom through that instruction.

God is not a fool, He has His reasons for lifting anyone He is lifting, and those reasons are always according to scriptures incase He is challenged.
Most ministers who seems to have it easy are dangerous workaholics whose work ethic is usually not projected; the way they study, pray and combine all that they combine.
The phrase “Popular Apostles, Pastors, etc” describes people who are laboring with the grace of God on their lives, it describes people who have decided to against all odds labor and do their own part.

If you truly desire a grace, don’t shade it.
In all these, nobody truly pursues popularity and get it, most only get known for wrong things.

Keep your heart pure.
Honor all men.
Sanitize your association.
Celebrate what is good.
Discern hearts behind “rhemas” before you applaud it.

In all these, remember to strictly face your front !

Let me warn those who can still listen, when envy and strife locks your heart, a level of what looks like hot rhema will still be flowing, be careful. Keep your heart very pure.

Source: Pastor Femi Lazarus |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.

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