Out of frustration and a wish to fulfill a pressing need, Sarai decided to lend her position for a short while. Just for a little while, she decided to let her maid take her position and do what she thinks she cannot do. She persuaded Abram to be with her maid.

Hagai took Sarai’s place. When Sarai felt Hagai had done what she couldn’t do, she went back to her position but it wasn’t the same as before. Sarai got what she wanted but that which she had thought would be the solution, turned around to become a torment and a threat.

For a short while, Sarai had forgotten God’s promises, she felt God was taking too much time to complete His work and she was not ready to keep losing time…she has to get her husband an heir at all cost.

Generations after, we are still struggling with the results of Sarai’s decision. Religious war keeps going on and on.

Often, we make decisions based on how fast we want the results not minding the long processes we have been going through, we seek shortcuts as it just seems too long.

Many times, we get leadings from God but it seems like His ways are just too slow… Can we take a pause?

It might be a decision concerning our job, financial status, marital life, academics, whatsoever, Trust the process.
It shouldn’t be about how quickly we get the results (which might later turn out to be the wrong one) but the right way through which we get the results.

Whatsoever we get in haste, either stay to give a scar or die back away in haste.

When we feel God is slow, when we feel the process is getting too long, pause, take a deep breath, ask for strength anew and chill..

The best will soon be yours.
The thoughts He has for you are great!

Fire in my Bones Movement

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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