The definition of a great man is a man that is helped. There is no man that can be great on the account of himself. The way by which God makes men mighty is that he helps them.

The men that are called great in the Bible are the men that sought for help. Any man that will matter in the things of God must be a man that has accessed the help of the Lord.
No matter what you have achieved, you must come to a point of agreement and conclusion that you need the help of God. Men that are full of themselves never rise to any level God intends to take them to.

God is not interested in a strong man; He’s looking for a man that applies for strength from Him. The expectation of God is that you are never okay or satisfied. He wants you to always come to Him for help. It’s called dependency.

How does God make a man mighty?- He lays help on them (Psalm 89:19).
Any man that will be mighty is a man that there is help on his head.
David looked up to the hills and saw that help doesn’t come from the hill. So he looked to God. The God that sits on the hill.
Many times, men try to get help from the hill and the hill could be their certificate, pastor, money, connection or even an impartation they thought they got. To become mighty, God has to help you. Anything making you feel you’re sufficient all by yourself is your enemy. You must come to a point where it’s rooted in you that you’re not fit for anything unless God qualifies you.

The Bible in Psalm 89:20 says, “I have found David my servant; With my holy oil have I anointed him”.
The oil that came upon David, making him exalted is not Goya. It’s the Oil is help!
Help is the bridge between where you are and where you should be.
The Lord has been looking for a way to help you. He’s saying, “why are you trying to achieve everything by yourself ?”.

You don’t have to be the best but if you’re walking with the best (God), God will do through you that which only Him can do!
God is ever waiting for men that will say to others, “My testimony is a testimony of acquired help”.

Heaven wants to carry you. God is seeking to help you. Stop trying to achieve everything by your strength.

Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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