God is with you Always

He knows every detail, every fear, every weakness and can help us!

The Arbel Cliff: Just think of Jesus in prayer, going out on the mountain to pray all night (Matthew 14), then think of the disciples sent on ahead to cross in their boat, getting stuck in the storm. That very spot you read about in Matthew 14 is where you will also sit and pray!

SUMMARY: Jesus has felt the loss of John the Baptist (14:1-13); so He heads out to a quiet place with His disciples. Multitudes follow and Jesus is again moved with compassion v. 14; feeds the 5,000 and sends the disciples home in their boat v. 22. He sends away the multitudes and goes up the mountain (Arbel) to pray alone at 6 PM. The timing of the watches is—v. 15 is between 3-6pm; v. 23 is 6pm; v. 25 is the 4th watch from 3-6am. If they got into the boat at 6pm and it is now 3am, how long were they rowing and fearing for their lives? 9+ hours!

1. The disciples are tormented by a storm that throws them around for 9-12 hours v.25; Jesus waited all that time, praying for them and watching them from the mountain too.
2. Jesus knows just where they are in the dark and walks across the storm directly to them.
3. After they scream at the sight of something on the water, He says stop fearing but the storm still rages; Peter walks and sinks in the storm but Jesus rescues him.
-We can’t make it through the storm alone.
-God allows us to go for long periods through storms.
-God allows us to sink at times to show our needs.
-When He calmed the storm and rescued them, they worshipped Him.

APPLICATION: Lord, I will trust you with my storms, and through my storms and worship when you come to calm my storms. I want to TRUST You more because You allow & plan my trials. I want to LOVE You more because You watch & intercede for me. I want to LOOK for You more because You always come across the waves of my storms in life. Lord, You knew right where they were v. 23. You prayed for them and watched them, and came at exactly the right time v. 31-32. You waited for their response of wonder and worship v. 33.

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Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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