Who was the most contented person who ever lived

Who was the most contented person who ever lived? To answer that we must first define what we mean by contentment.

Contentment is to be peaceful, thankful, and happy with what you have in life, where you are in life, and where you are headed in life: no matter how bad or good it is.

Jesus was the perfect man: He lived for His father’s will and died at His Father’s Hand. Jesus was contented. But we are neither perfect nor Divine so it seems hardly possible that we could be so Christlike in contentment until we trace the life of Paul.

Paul was probably one of the greatest of God’s servants. The vast majority of all believers down through the ages have been taught by Paul’s Epistles or came to Christ through one of Paul’s spiritual children. He started more churches in the early days, traveled more miles, and did more for the spread of Christ’s church than any others.

How was Paul so effective? He gives his testimony in Philippians 4. The lessons are very powerful. Paul had learned to live with what he had, not for what he wanted. Contentment is learned, and it comes by surrender.

Listen to Paul’s secret.

Philippians 4:11-19 (NKJV)

Paul held everything in an open hand. He reminds us that everything we have has come from someone else. What hast thou…

Paul said he counted all things as lost in comparison to Christ. Nothing mattered more than Christ.

Biblical Contentment is when nothing matters more than Christ

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Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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