3 Pride
4 Jealousy
5 unforgiveness
6 Sleep during devotion time
7 Loss of interest in things of God
8 Strong desire for vanity
9 Loss of empathy and sympathy 
10 Selfishness
11 Lack of Boldness to preach the Gospel of Truth

QN: Are you experiencing any of those ?🤔

NB: There is no neutral Ground, You are either FULL or DRY. Its Either HIM OF ALL or NOT HIM AT ALL.

WELL, here is what you need to do Now if you feel CONVICED To be filled again.

1. Desire HIM as your greatest need again. Which means you will make more time for Him. Heb 11:6, “He rewards those who seek Him “

2. Repent and put on the full Armor of God again.. Eph 6:13

3. Evaluate your spiritual life DAILY because the enemy is daily creating channels to dry you out.
Read the story of Belshazzar and king cyrus in Daniel 5

4. Live by the Word of God. Psalm 119:105

Remember GOD loves you so much and Has better plans for YOU.

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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