Powerful Lessons From Unpopular Women in the Bible

The Bible contains many amazing women whose stories teach us how to grow closer to God. While we all know the most famous Biblical women, like Esther, Mary, Rahab, and Ruth, there are other great, yet unpopular, women we have a lot to learn from.
If you have not heard of them yet, you can have a bible study on them to learn about God’s love, understanding, and protection. Even if you think you can name them all, brushing up on the stories of the women below is a great place to start for any person of faith.

Seven Women You Probably Haven’t Heard Of:

1) JOANNA- Luke 8:1-3

Most people believe that Jesus had no money and lived from hand to mouth, not realizing that Judas Iscariot looked after His money box; John 13:29.
So if Jesus had a whole money box, where did the money come from? It came from people like Joanna who funded his ministry.

2) SHIPHRAH & PUAH- Exodus 1:1-22

These women had a lot of nerve. Before Pharaoh ordered for all male Hebrew babies to be thrown in the water, he called and gave these women, who were midwives, a direct order to kill the male Hebrew babies immediately after their birth.
Of course, they refused because they feared God. They had seen the vicious hands of Pharaoh and yet refused to be bullied by God. This teaches us that regardless of societal, political, or governmental policies, some things are just not worth risking our faith and duty towards the Kingdom of God.


In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul says that Timothy’s mother was in the faith. And then in 2 Timothy 3:15, Paul said that Timothy had known the scriptures since his childhood.
In other words, his mother passed down her faith and knowledge of the scriptures to her son, Timothy. This is something we must all uphold; Acts 16:1.

4) ACHSAH – Joshua 15:16-19, Judges 1:14,15

Achsah was the daughter of Caleb, who offered her as a bride to Othniel. Her dowry was a waterless land that would be difficult to farm or raise animals on. So Achsah approached her father with a request for better land with springs. In spite of the limits on women within her culture, she confidently made this wise request of her father.
This is the same way we too can boldly ask your Heavenly Father to “give me also.” His response may just exceed your expectations.

5) LYDIA – Acts 16:14-15 &40

Lydia who had just received the word of the Lord, invited and begged Paul and those with him to go with her, to her house.
This is the expression of being hospitable, particularly to the saints in Christ. And also giving honour to one whom she recognized to be a spiritual authority. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

6) ZELOPHEHAD’S DAUGHTERS – Numbers 27: 1-11

The courageous faith of five sisters—Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah—whose courageous faith ushered in protective rights for women.
The law at that time counted males for inheritance, and because their father died with no male heir, they would enter the Promised Land without land or provision. Thus, they asked for their father’s rightful share to be passed on to them.
After Moses took their dilemma to God, their request was granted. This became a new law in Israel.

7) JEHOSHABEATH – 2 Kings 22:10-12

This is a woman who refused to stand by in the midst of evil. She took Joash, saving him from the massacre of Athaliah, who sought to, and killed every heir to the throne of Judah.
Here, we see utter boldness and courage at play. From her story, we learn not to stand and watch the occurrence of evil.

Takeaway Action Points From These Women

1) Fund the ministry of the kingdom expansion of Our Lord Jesus. Give to the course of missions, and to the reconciliation of all men.

2) Always uphold God’s word over laws and policies of the nation.

3) Train up your children in the ways of the Lord. Teach them the scriptures from tender ages.

4) Confidently make your request to God.

5) Be hospitable to the brethren.

6) Be courageous to seek justice, it can lead to permanent solution for people.

7) Do not stand and watch the occurrence of evil. Do your part. Actions would always be more effective than words.

Are there other unpopular women in the Bible who did great things? Please let us know in the comment section.


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