Why God Sent Revelation

1. Rev. 1: Individual believers like John needed Encouragement because life is hard.
Who Jesus is Everywhere today.

Each of us is to see what Jesus doing in us.
God wants us to stay in step with His plan for our life today. Very personal. How to live through anything. John faced loneliness, insecurity, and fears.
In the spirit declare a worldview that we are primarily a spiritual beings in a body. Living as God’s bondservant is the goal of life. Redeemed to serve as a slave. Solution: you need to see each day that the Risen Christ is with us always and will never leave us or forsake us.

Revelation 2-3: We the Church need to be Challenged because life is short.
What Jesus wants to do through each of us today.
Redemption-driven life that stays focused on what lasts forever.
The church is God’s plan for us, and we are each individual living stones.
What does He condemn and what does He commend?
Solution: we need to see our Great Physician & Coach watching our life each day.

Revelation 4-22: All saints need Assurance of how it all will turn out, because life is full of evil.
Where Jesus is Taking Everything Today. Each of us to trust. Understand Gods plan. God wants you to trust His plan. Attributes of God. Rev 4-22 explains God’s plan for the future—to fix the Earth, right all wrongs, and fix humans. End sin. Punish evil. Reward servants.
Solution: see sin ends, all wrongs are righted, and all God’s promises come true.

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Jesus loves you, accept him today

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