The Practical Science of Praying Better

Today, the majority of people who profess faith in the Gospel of Jesus will tell you that they struggle with prayer and Bible study (I have no data to prove this 😂).
The paradox is that dedication is the foundation of the Christian experience (prayer and Bible study).

We obtain the strength to live Zoe through prayer, particularly praying in tongues. We also expand our understanding of God’s nature and our rights and privileges as God’s children through Bible study, all of which contribute to our faith’s development.
Because they lack the strength to do so through prayer, Christians who are unable to pray may profess one thing (I am a child of God) while acting in a different way (I battle with X habit, for example). As a result, they are unable to live like Christ.

Additionally, someone who is unable to read their Bible will grow in faith more slowly than usual (If any growth at all). They probably will have the same outcome as the seed in the parable of the sower that lacked strong roots (swayed and confused by different doctrines some out rightly abandoning the Faith).

So the song, “read your Bible, pray everyday if you want to grow” is not just a Sunday school song but life changing advice for the believer.

So what can you do if you find praying difficult? Here is a science that will produce effects right away.

The Science of Praying Better

Do what they do in church that makes you pray better:

Have you ever noticed how much simpler it is to pray in a church than it is to pray by yourself? Some believe it implies that you are a hypocrite who enjoys praying aloud in public so that others can see and notice you. Although it may be the case for some, I don’t believe it to be the case for the vast majority. Here is a breakdown of the science.

  • Community: This is a reference to other church members who are also praying. I estimate that this accounts for about 60% of the influence on your ability to pray more effectively in church.
  • Music: You can change your mood with music, which is such a potent tool. I estimate that it has a 35% affect on your ability to pray more effectively in church.
  • Ambience: The atmosphere of the church is its overall appearance and feel; it can be influenced by the lighting, the surroundings, a smoke machine, the colors, etc. This makes up, in my opinion, around 5% of the whole

You’ll notice that I haven’t used any Bible verses to back up my claims, not because there aren’t any, but because I don’t want you to think these are spiritual realities. These elements can be used to influence human behavior in any endeavor, including prayer.
You will pray more effectively if these elements are present.

Before you doubt it, keep in mind that these elements are not limited to church gatherings; nightclubs also use them. With or without alcohol, the right beat, low lighting, and other people dancing in the same room will make you want to dance as well.
Understanding the science means you now have more options than “discipline” to positively influence your prayer life.

Next Steps to Take to Start Praying Better

  • Make use of a speaker to play worship and prayer music (I have found that earphones can be distracting.)
  • Make a couple of prayer playlists. (I shared mine at the end of the post.)
  • To get yourself going, try singing along to worship music before you begin praying.
  • Create or join a small prayer group. (I’ve discovered that larger groups are less effective than smaller groups; smaller groups are more intimate.)
  • Plan prayer times and locations. Try to maintain the same times and locations.


Most likely, you’ve struggled with prayer because you’ve relied too heavily on discipline and grit, and it’s become a chore that you have to force yourself to do rather than an enjoyable experience.

Knowing the science and utilizing it to your advantage does not make you a bad Christian, it does not mean you are not on fire, and it does not imply your faith is small. All forms of suffer head, self-achievement, and self-accomplished Christianity must be abolished.

Nobody should introduce or feed guilt into your born again Spirit.

My YT Music Prayer Playlist


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