Now that the pressure is getting Wesser,

Remember our race is different from each other and the race of life is highly individualistic.
You were not there when God called your friend, don’t go and copy what you don’t know the source.

When all the mates of Bishop Oyedepo were writing devotionals he didn’t write one up till now, they use RCCG’S Open Heavens devotional by Daddy G.O.

When Everyone started a television station Bishop Oyedepo didn’t, He said God didn’t send him to do that, mind you that doesn’t limit his impact.

When the evangelistic move was everywhere and still everywhere now, Bishop Oyedepo doesn’t do crusades, He faces his church, Evangelism and Church growth and equipping of other men of God.

Don’t copy others, do only what you are sent.

Now every young MOG wants to be an Apostle hmmmm ok oooo, some starts two watsapp groups and the next thing He is Apostle bla bla…..

Bishop Oyedepo said and I quote, If God didn’t send you to build a hospital and you go ahead to build one, you might be the first to be admitted there.

Don’t run a race that you are not called for, destiny is per head per head.

Young man of God, focus on your calling especially the SIMPLICITY of your call, don’t try to impress people who are not even noticing you.

Don’t kill yourself trying to be someone else, be yourself, love yourself, love your call and your mandate, you are unique and your call is a major plus to the body of Christ.

Don’t try to do what you are not sent ooo, if you send yourself you will pay your tfare oo.
Faithful is He that calls you who also will do it.

Don’t try to start other branches because you see another MOG spreading every week, You don’t have an idea what has gone into that in terms of equipping and also instructions and divine timing.


Don’t JAPA because everyone is going to UK and Canada and US.

We might be in the same school of destiny but our courses are different, in case it’s the same course, our level might be different and hence our time tables are different.

Farabale, calm down, you need the Holy Ghost more than ever before now, be His friend and He will guide you in the way that you should go.
God bless you

Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today


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