I have often wondered why Jesus is called “the WORD” in the Bible. It’s a strange name, and a strange title. But then I realised we are words too. Gossip is used to define us, reports are written about us. When we die our life will be expressed in words in a funeral program. Our data will be shared – when we were born, when we died. Our DNA is also data. We are fundamentally information – words.

We could argue Jesus was named for his capacities. Scriptures tell us he’s the genius scientist in Genesis. He created the universe with words. But the universe runs as if controlled by a computer program, suggesting the words he spoke in Genesis is programming language, not just vocal expression. Think MS-DOS and Windows. That’s the kind of “word” spoken.

The ultimate acclaim is the naming of a technology script after the code writer. One of the reasons Jesus is called “WORD” therefore, is because he created the Alpha code called “Word”; though in truth he had always been known as “Word”. Now you understand the scripture that says he upholds all things by the word of his power. The Bible is saying in essence that the fundamental forces of nature like gravity, are expressions of the “word” of his brainpower.

But not only did he write the Alpha code, he also wrote the Omega code. He is therefore known as the Alpha and Omega. Again we see the program named after the creator. The Omega code tells us how the world will end. Peter wrote about it. It would seem therefore, that Jesus is called WORD because he is the culmination of God’s creative intelligence.

When he left Earth he democratised information about himself through the writers of the New Testament. He translated himself into a language form men can read. His biography is laid out in the Gospels. No more obscurity like in the Old Testament. Then he weaponised his brand name. Now we can battle extraterrestrial forces with just one word – “Jesus”.

And so we see Jesus as data, information, technology, history and creative intelligence. The combination of all these expressions is why he is simply known as “THE WORD”.

Just thinking. 🤔

Source: Leke Alder

Jesus loves you, accept him today

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