He is your help; Quit worrying.

I’m at that stage in life in which you contemplate things. It’s what Solomon technically referred to as going into the house of mourning. Indeed, his father David had said the man who can’t contemplate life is like the beasts that perish

The faculty of contemplation is not given to animals. It was probably at this stage in his life that Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes.

I was thinking the other day and it dawned on me God does a lot of long-term planning. Think about it, he provisioned for Jesus “from the foundation of the world.” And he executed his material emergence over a period of 4000 years by setting up genealogies. Jesus had to emerge at a particular point in history. There had to be a Roman Empire.

If you look at your history, however brief it may be… And all our lives are brief. On the cosmological time scale we probably live for a billionth of a second and then we expire… But if you carefully examine your life you’ll see traces of the evidence of God’s long-term planning. The people who have been there for you were probably inserted into your life long before now. And they probably came into your life in the natural course of history, nothing dramatic. Yet they’re orchestrations.

God orchestrates you to meet people who will play supportive roles in your life. Some are called “friends” but they’re actually God’s provision. It’s why those friendships are stable. God knows the details of your future and he’s already set up a support architecture.

If you follow my line of thought you’ll realise whatever is going to happen down the road God has ALREADY set up a support system for you. He is your help. Quit worrying.

Source: Leke Alder

Jesus loves you, accept him today


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