“If it’s the same God, I’m sorry” Philippines President Apologizes to God for Calling Him ‘Stupid’

Last month, Philippine

President, Rodrigo Duterte

called God ‘Stupid’ For allowing the fall of the first Adam in the Garden of Eden.

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Christ not just a place

Christ is a person and at the same time an environment. That is why we said you are in the world and not of the world because “If any man be in Christ is a new creature” 2 Cor. 5:17. That “in” connotes an environment, a place or a presence that you relocate to. So though we are in the world through the atmosphere of Christ but not of the world. Just as when you are in your mother’s womb, yes you are alive to the world, living but yet you aren’t aware of the physical activities/realities of the world but yet you are in the world. Your mother’s womb is an environment, another place entirely different from the reality of the world.

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By: Opeyemi Oluwashegun DUROTOYE

The few words must be heard,
Of the song that resides in our head.
Platform for the oppressed, become Plutocratic seat.
After longer years of autocrat reign,
Open unto us the door for our voice to be heard,
The tune of some democratic we dance to,
Their active spirit had liberated us from depression,
Regression was not our memories,
Democratic are played not into our psyche, but our abstract.

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