Ahab did a lot of wickedness and evil in the land, because his wife stirred him up to do the evils. When Naboth refused to give the king his land, Ahab did not force him, but he simply went back into the palace looking sad, that he had been refused. But Jezebel, his wife came … Continue reading SOME WOMEN


Nugget for you!

-Pastor Femi Lazarus The moment you begin to feel as a man of God that you would have been more effective and influential than another minister if only people know what you carry, this is the root of something called superiority complex which births resentment and envy. If you don't think a fellow is qualified … Continue reading Nugget for you!

YOUR NUGGET: “The Anointed Is Not A Showman!”

This is an Instruction that Must ring deeply into the hearts of All that have been called to bear the Essence of The LORD. The Only One who qualifies for Advertisement Is The CHRIST.. Self Image Marketing Is proof that you have not truly known HIM, for No one knows HIM and still thinks that … Continue reading YOUR NUGGET: “The Anointed Is Not A Showman!”


Many years ago, while I was on Teaching Practice in a small town I had been posted to teach from the higher institution where I was studying English Education. A group of boys were posted together with me to teach in a secondary school and we were all living in the same house. Incidentally, I … Continue reading THE TIED DOWN AND THE FREE RANGERS


(3 "Ps" That Will Make Your Marriage Sizzle) - Pastor Bimbo Animashaun In marriage, When you PRAY TOGETHER, you become SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED. When you PLAY TOGETHER, you become EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED. When you PLAN TOGETHER, you become MENTALLY CONNECTED. You see, it's not an automatic thing; concerted efforts must be made to better the lot of … Continue reading PRAY! PLAY!! PLAN!!!


Some brothers are very inconsistent and spiritually unstable. They have proposed to three or four sisters at the same time without waiting to receive answer from one before approaching another. Yet they are praying and fasting for divine intervention on whom to marry. Some sisters, have hung up about six or seven proposed brothers in … Continue reading A THOT FOR THE SINGLES


You can not still hold grudges against your husband or wife and still be praying for miracles for your ministry or business. You can not abandon your wife at home with your children and still expect God to favor you or perform miracles wherever you go. You can not pack out of the Master bedroom … Continue reading A WORD FOR THE COUPLES


When you desire to please yourself in whatever way rather than listening to and obeying the Word of God, you are " living by the Bread alone". When, Samson, a Nazarite dedicated and anointed from the womb to save the land of Israel, chose to pitch his tent with the ladies of the Philistines and … Continue reading FALLING FOR THE BREAD TEMPTATION