Nugget for you!

WALK THE JOURNEY, DON'T JUMP THE PROCESS A lot of people like to jump Processes. They just want to get to the destination without walking through the journey. Allow the Lord to grow you up. Don't be hasty. Run your race with patience which the Lord has set before you. A lot of ministries that … Continue reading Nugget for you!


Some brothers are very inconsistent and spiritually unstable. They have proposed to three or four sisters at the same time without waiting to receive answer from one before approaching another. Yet they are praying and fasting for divine intervention on whom to marry. Some sisters, have hung up about six or seven proposed brothers in … Continue reading A THOT FOR THE SINGLES


You can not still hold grudges against your husband or wife and still be praying for miracles for your ministry or business. You can not abandon your wife at home with your children and still expect God to favor you or perform miracles wherever you go. You can not pack out of the Master bedroom … Continue reading A WORD FOR THE COUPLES


When you desire to please yourself in whatever way rather than listening to and obeying the Word of God, you are " living by the Bread alone". When, Samson, a Nazarite dedicated and anointed from the womb to save the land of Israel, chose to pitch his tent with the ladies of the Philistines and … Continue reading FALLING FOR THE BREAD TEMPTATION