Hundreds Encounter Christ during “Let Us Worship” revival tour led

Hundreds of people encountered the power of God this weekend with many choosing Christ for the first time from Missouri to Pennsylvania during the ongoing “Let Us Worship” revival tour led by worship evangelist Sean Feucht.

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30 Bible Translation on hold in Nigeria

Nigerian Bible translators are seeking help after having to suspend translation projects in 30 languages due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing terrorist violence throughout the country.

Wycliffe Associates, an Orlando-based nonprofit that works with national Bible translators across the globe on over 700 translation projects, announced that the global pandemic, terrorism and economic collapse in Nigeria have “brought Bible translation to a halt in the most populous nation on the African continent.”

The organization, which was founded in 1967 and partners with the local churches to direct and guard translation work in their communities, partners with an organization called Nigerian Bible Translation Trust. The trust works on several Old and New Testament translation projects in a country where there are over 200 million people and over 500 languages.

However, in 2020, translators have not been able to gather in central locations as they would normally to check each other’s translation work.

Along with the pandemic, Nigeria has been marred by increasing trends of violence carried out in recent years by various actors — including Islamic terrorist groups, radical herdsmen and bandits. It’s estimated that thousands are reportedly killed by systemic acts of violence each year, including many Christians.

“With the pandemic, the issues of terrorist attacks and thievery, and the amount of starvation that is going on in the country, makes people desperate. There is a fear that drives that,” Wycliffe Associates Vice President of Translation Services Tabitha Price told The Christian Post.

“Travel is becoming more difficult. There is a lack of infrastructure already. And then to be concerned about the corruption and violence and terrorism that they are going to face when they try to travel, those challenges have really kept translators from being able to get together.”

Price said that translators working on the same projects often do not live in the same village.

“And the only way they can work together and check each other’s work and continue with the project is to come together in a central location,” she said. “With the pandemic and travel restrictions, besides all the dangers that have intensified, they really haven’t been able to do that.

“It’s varying degrees of the pandemic and violent militant and terrorist groups and kidnappings that have happened. Of course, situations like that are always exacerbated by something like this pandemic so those who are violently opposed to Christianity will take every opportunity to express it.”

Wycliffe has been working with the Nigerian Bible Translation Trust to train translators and provide them with resources. But restrictions on travel have made it difficult to be able to start on projects they planned to begin in 2020.

In the spring, Wycliffe Associates tentatively scheduled a two-week training conference for Nigerian Bible translators for September. But that was scheduled before the organization knew how COVID-19 was going to impact travel in the fall and has since been canceled.

“We knew that we needed to do training and we made plans to schedule it in the fall,” she said. “It was for them to get everything they needed to go work with these other languages that are waiting and training them in the methodology and the whole process. We had to cancel that training event not only because we couldn’t travel but also because of the travel restrictions all across Africa.”

She said the translation partners are “not prepared” to start the new projects they were planning to work on as they themselves have struggled with hunger and finances.

“They haven’t been able to work to save themselves. They don’t have the resources then to take the time and be able to work on the translation,” Price explained. “Wycliffe Associates has an emergency fundraising campaign going and we have had generous donors send finances for us to be able to help situations. We were able to send Nigerian Bible Translation Trust money to not only provide for their immediate needs but also to reach out and help some of the translators in the community.”

For many of the 30 projects that have been halted, Price said that some of the languages haven’t had translations started yet but were “in the queue,” meaning some of the training had been done and are in the process of preparing to begin translation.

“We say it is halted because we had a plan to move forward with them this year and then with COVID and other emergencies going on in that country and emergencies worldwide. We’re not actually expecting — barring a miracle of God — that we will be able to serve that region the way we expected to before with training. But having said that, we are always looking for ways to continue to grow partnerships. We have team members there in Nigeria that are at the ready when things begin to open back up.”

The organization has discussed the possibility of online training and talked about sending someone over from another country that has opened back up to help them.

“We are strategizing,” Price said. “It’s always hard for me to say it’s halted with no expectation of progress. No, we are still working on something but it is just not what we have planned.”

Despite the halting of the newer projects, Wycliffe spoke with leaders of the Nigerian Bible Translation Trust in July and funded a safe gathering of translators who are already working on some projects so they can focus on completing ones that have already started.

“They had groups that were already trained and could work on translation come together and work,” she said. “We are thankful that God is providing for that kind of thing.”

Wycliffe Associates views Nigeria as a “key region” for translation efforts in Africa.

“There are seminaries and deep roots of Christianity in Nigeria,” she explained. “We started partnership programs with a seminary there and plan to continue growing that so that they can train their own national leaders to support the needs of their own country and expand to other regions of Africa. It’s not necessarily true anymore with the insurgent groups and the corruption in the government, but Nigeria used to be really a politically stabilizing force in central Africa.”

Price said that Nigeria is really a “picture of what is happening in other areas of the world where day laborers can’t work and are starving.”

“People are persecuting the Christians who are starving and trying to do the translation. We have seen those same translators when they get funds from us to buy rice for their translation team, share it with their whole village and their persecutors. It’s an opportunity for the Gospel to really take root.”

Elsewhere in the world, Price said a similar type of situation is taking place for translation efforts in Indonesia in the Pacific.

“Indonesia was so locked down that they couldn’t even travel back and forth between villages,” she explained. “They have to slow down in what they have been able to do. I wouldn’t say that the translation work has halted but maybe it’s been put on pause.”

She also said that Wycliffe Associates had to cancel two training events it had planned for South America as well.

“It’s also been a challenge for some of the projects that we had planned for South America for training people to get started. Without that training, they can’t really start.”

Price called for Christians in the U.S. to pray for translators to be able to keep working and for their health as well as physical needs. She also seeks prayer for translators to find ways to “leverage the lockdown” to be able to share the Gospel with their neighbors.

Source: Christian Posts.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

#SARSMUSTEND: New Tactical Team Should Not Be ‘Old Wine In New Bottle’, RCCG Tells FG

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has lent his voice to the protest against police brutality that has been going on in the country for over a week.

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“And I don’t know why he allowed me to get it, but I got it,So he’ll get me through it: Greg Laurie announces that he has COVID19

Greg Laurie, the senior pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship with locations in Riverside and Irvine, California and Maui, Hawaii, has announced he has tested positive for COVID-19.

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Young Christians Killed, Others kidnapped in Kaduna, Nigeria

Morning Star News – Two young Christian women and a 6-year-old boy were killed this week while other Christians were kidnapped or slain as uncontested lawlessness by Fulani herdsmen continued in Nigeria, sources said.

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LGBT activists Threaten to Burn Church over Facebook Post

A councillor in Cornwall is calling for the deportation of an Australian pastor who welcomed the cancellation of the local Pride event.

Stephen Hick, Newquay Town Councillor and Cornwall Pride leader, said in a letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel that Pastor Josh Williamson was a hate preacher and should be deported back to his native Australia.

Pastor Williamson, of Newquay Baptist Church, angered the LGBT community when he wrote on Facebook that the cancellation of this year’s Pride event was “wonderful news”.

When another Facebook user asked why the news was wonderful, Pastor Williamson responded, “Because I don’t think sin should be celebrated.”

The 34-year-old then wrote a longer response on his personal Facebook page, where he wrote: “Hallelujah!! We prayed at our prayer meeting on Tuesday night that this event would be cancelled. We also prayed that the Lord would save the organisers. One prayer answered, now we wait for the second prayer to be answered.”

In the ensuing backlash, LGBT activists threatened violence against Pastor Williamson and his wife, and called for the church to be burnt down.

When Cornwall police spoke to Pastor Williamson, they warned him to restrict his views to a “safe environment” and refrain from offending the LGBT community in the future, according to Christian Concern which is assisting him.

In his letter to Patel, Cllr Hick wrote: “Josh Williamson’s ministry has caused harm to members of the community of Newquay and the wider LGBTQ+ community across Cornwall.

“I believe his continued presence, preaching the hate that he does, presents a continuing harm to the same communities.

“I am unaware of the previous ministry of this particular church, but a foreign preacher travelling to the UK to promote and potentially act upon extremist views should be treated with the utmost seriousness.”

Cllr Hick has also called on businesses in the Newquay area to refuse services to Pastor Williamson and the church.

Writing in the Newquay Voice, Cllr Hick said: “I call on every individual and business within Newquay to deny him and his church the ability to spread their odious message. Do not interact with them, do not allow them to use your premises, do not accept their message,” Christian Today reported.

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Three Iranian Christian converts flee Country after Appeal Denial over Christmas Celebration

Three Iranian Christian converts, who were facing a combined 35 years in prison because of their faith in Jesus Christ, have fled the country after a court rejected their appeal.

The three converts identified as Kvian Fallah-Mohammadi, Hadi Asgari and Amin Afshar-Naderi, were charged due to their connection to a December 2014 Christmas celebration and were facing a combined 35 years in prison, according to Christian persecution watchdog International Christian Concern.

Their flight comes just weeks after two other Christians, a pastor and his wife, fled the country after also having their appeals rejected. These five cases were all interconnected and trace back to the same Christmas celebration in 2014.

The flight of these five Christians from within a space of a few weeks is noteworthy, especially as their cases were some of the most publicized amongst Iran’s persecuted Christian community, ICC noted.

“There is a sense that Iran wants to force Christians out of the country, but leaving is an incredibly painful and difficult process,” ICC said. “The church is at an important crossroad, even as persecution in Iran increases.”

Iran ranks 9th on Christian support organization Open Doors 2020 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian, but this does not stop the rate at which Jesus Christ is winning the heart of the people unto Himself. BP

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Hindus Attack Church, forcefully stop worship in India

(Morning Star News) – Harassment of Christians by hard-line Hindus in northern India ended in police coercing a pastor to agree to stop holding worship in his home after an officer threatened to make false charges against his son, he said.

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THERE WAS JESUS: Zach William’s Song with Dolly Parton tops Billboard Chart

Country Music star Dolly Parton has partnered with popular Christian Music artist Zach Williams to make a new hit song titled “There Was Jesus,” a song about hope in troubled times and how Jesus is always there, especially when things seem darkest.

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Pakistani Court sentences 37-Year- Old man to Death over Blasphemy

Asif Pervaiz was sentenced to death on Weak Blasphemy Charges.
Asif Pervaiz, a garment factory worker, had been accused by his supervisor of sending defamatory comments about the Muslim Prophet Muhammad to him via text message.
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Man Share His Hell Experience says “There’s millions of people in Hell”

For Josh Miles coming down with the flu turned into a life-changing experience. He was sick with a 106-degree fever. His dad was so concerned with his declining health that he took him to the local ER, but on the way there his soul left his body and he told CBN’s Prayer Link that he “went straight to hell”.

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Fulani herdsmen attacked a predominantly Christian village in north-central Nigeria

(Morning Star News) – Fulani herdsmen attacked a predominantly Christian village in north-central Nigeria, killing one resident, burning a church building and kidnapping four children among others on Monday (Aug. 24), sources said.

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“We don’t turn to government to restore our souls, we put our faith in almighty God” – Trump

Labeling this year’s presidential race the “most important election” in the nation’s history, President Trump accepted the Republican Party’s nomination Thursday and warned about a “socialist agenda” he said would be implemented if Democrat Joe Biden wins in November.

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Chadwick Boseman’s Bible Quote Shows he was a Christian, Told Students ‘God Predestined’ Their Future

Christian Headlines

The late actor Chadwick Boseman captivated audiences with his roles in films such as Black Panther, 42 and Marshall, but he never forgot the Christian faith that grounded his career.

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Pardon Bank Robber says “was 100% Jesus” who turned his life around while he was behind bars

Jon Ponder, a former bank robber pardoned Tuesday evening by President Donald Trump, said Wednesday afternoon that it “was 100% Jesus” who turned his life around while he was behind bars.

“I want to thank God for turning my life around,” Ponder told Fox News’ Dana Perino. “It was 100% Jesus that turned my life in a 180-degree turn in another direction and I cannot stop thanking Him enough.”

His interview with Perino came the afternoon after he was fully pardoned by the president, who called Ponder’s life journey “a beautiful testament to the power of redemption.”

Trump first honored Ponder in the Rose Garden in 2018, according to CBN News.

“While Jon was in prison, he began reading the Bible and listening to Christian radio,” the president said Tuesday. “One day, he heard the Rev. Billy Graham on the radio proclaim Jesus wants to be Lord of your life. On that day, Jon dedicated his life to Christ. He spent the rest of his time in prison studying the Bible.”

Since leaving prison, Ponder has also formed a friendship with retired FBI Special Agent Richard Beasley, who arrested Ponder. The agent told Ponder he had been praying for him.

In the time since he was freed, Ponder founded Hope for Prisoners, Inc., a nonprofit that assists those leaving incarceration and transitioning back into the workforce.

“I can’t even find the words to describe how grateful I was in that moment when the president had given me a pardon,” Ponder told Perino. “I had no idea that it was gonna happen, so it was just an incredible, incredible surprise.”

November 2020 will mark the first time Ponder has ever been allowed to cast his ballot in a presidential election — a privilege he says “means the world” to him.

“I am just so grateful to be able to participate in one of the greatest privileges that we have as Americans, to participate in that electoral process,” he said. “So it’s something I’m looking very, very forward to, something I’ve waited a long time for.” Faith Wire Reports.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

Nigerian Government official Order Church to tender Tithes, Offering for Audit

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has said that there will be no going back on the new Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA). CAC said the new act has come to stay in the country despite the public outcry that has greeted it.

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