WISH Pendulum

A wishful wish for me to wish

Wishing, I could wish

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By: Opeyemi Oluwashegun DUROTOYE

The few words must be heard,
Of the song that resides in our head.
Platform for the oppressed, become Plutocratic seat.
After longer years of autocrat reign,
Open unto us the door for our voice to be heard,
The tune of some democratic we dance to,
Their active spirit had liberated us from depression,
Regression was not our memories,
Democratic are played not into our psyche, but our abstract.

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Falling from above

What’s up guys, I was reading through the pages of my note and I found this poem of mine, dated July 13, 2013. Almost four years ago, so I decided to share it with you guys unedited, don’t laugh at the use of words; it’s not bad though but read between the lines to learn folks.

Here its goes:


The most famous in the globe

Heaven is your abode

You enter market and scatter every where

We know your days to be wet

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You Say...

Before we go into the poetic verse, Poem they say is very difficult to decoded,after reading this poem use the comment box, to tell us your understanding about the poem.


Recompense of this world

that was conceive mischief ravaged

in the belly that forgaith deceit

fetching all riches of the earth

with the absence of Gods present

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Vrai Foi I


Forth, backward he espies
Soaked in the state of melancholy
Dwindle out of joy
Looking sluggish somber, sulky

Seems fidelity is gone
affiliated with termination cum uncertainty
baffled of what tomorrow will behoove
pondering on apparel and edibility

Thither, I apparition
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