POEM: We are One

We look different, but we’re all born the same,
We didn’t get to choose our family, face, or name,
This life is a test; the world is our real estate,
Yet, we disregard equity to stand apart and discriminate,

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The Soul of Gerontius – John Henry Newman

I went to sleep; and now I am refresh’d,
A strange refreshment: for I feel in me
An inexpressive lightness, and a sense
Of freedom, as I were at length myself,
And ne’er had been before. How still it is!
I hear no more the busy beat of time,
No, nor my fluttering breath, nor struggling pulse;
Nor does one moment differ from the next.
I had a dream; yes – some one softly said
“He’s gone”; and then a sigh went round the room.
And then I surely heard a priestly voice
Cry “Subvenite”; and they knelt in prayer.
I seem to hear him still; but thin and low,
And fainter and more faint the accents come,
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