PRAYER CONFERENCE 5.0 (Consecration)

Join us in this edition of PRAYER CONFERENCE (Consecration) as we travail to prevail on the prayer altar

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

Announcing IN HIS GLORY – Prayer Conference

Your victory on the prayer altar is not from the numbers of tongues you speak neither it is from how loud your voice is nor how you gesticulate, all these can be helpful while praying but the real victory comes from the understanding that sponsors your prayer action.

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Prayer Conference – AWAKENING

Prayer is not just the legitimate communication conduit between God and man but also an avenue for us to sustain and increase the power of God in us, not just to create a supernatural transformation within us but also our environments. So, Prayer is not an option it a necessity.

Join us in this edition of Prayer Conference themed AWAKENING as we jointly re-fire our heart for God via the prayer altar. Click on this link to join the WhatsApp group

CONTRAVENTION – Morning Hour Day 3

It is expedient for us to know that prayer is not only meant for these three people: ME, I and MYSELF. This is perceived to be Selfish. There is no doubt that most people challenge one way or the other, we all have one or two prayer point that need answer but then, there are some people that need prayer than you do.

To be realistic intercessors have their own challenge trust me that is the pure truth but I have realized that it very rare for you to be praying for the need for others and still be in need.

There are some people that their faith and strength have faded away because of the challenge they are facing. But here you are, you still have the strength to pray for yours why don’t you help others too.
Don’t underestimate what your prayer can do in the life of another person.
Men of God know this, which is why they will always say pray for us even Apostle Paul said that too. Those are the shepherd over us.

How much more that your friend, brother, uncle, sister that needs your prayer.
In Praying there is a need for alignment of your prayer with the will of God, which can be identify through the word of God. And God doesn’t joke with the word.
Hence, you need to take action on the following:

Decide what you want from God.
Get scriptures that promise what you want.
Meditate on them until they get into your heart
Turning the scripture into making request
Then use those scriptures as your defense in the day of adversary.

CONTRAVENTION – Night Hour Day 1

Before we go into prayer fully, there is a need for us to know some things about our focus so that we won’t pray in the wrong direction which does not guarantee answers. Trust me this has been one of the major challenges of many Christians, they can pray from now till Jesus comes but yet with no result. And you see another person with short time of prayer, short prayer point and he sees result.

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Prayer Conference 2.0 – CONTRAVENTION

PRAYER is one of the major ways to define your life especially, your spiritual life, the time and length of your prayer is not what really matters but the intensity of the prayer in Spirit and in truth. Prayer is a communication and for every communication there must be a feedback, failure to receive feedback shows there is something wrong somewhere which comes from the person praying and this affect every other aspects of your life.

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[INTENSITY: Morning Chrage] What you Need to Know About PRAYER. [Part One]

The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor.

Prayer is a form of communication between man and God. There is a place of asking and there is place of receiving, so if you don’t ask you can’t receive.

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[INTENSITY] Affirmation on Success

I assented of old, negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my success.
I open my mind to electrifying new potentials and free of resistance
I am committed to achieving success in every area of my life.
I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
I am grateful for all my skills and ability to succeed

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Intro: Before we go into prayer, there is a need for us to have full understanding of what we are praying for, so that we won’t be asking when we are meant to be seeking. Some of us don’t need to pray certain prayers again, if only we could understand our focus.

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Prayer Conference: INTENSITY

Most times the distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between our knees and the floor.

Prayer is fellowshipping or communing with God and the best way to do that is among people of the same mind.

That is why this Virtual prayer conference is meant for these Four categories:

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