AWAKENING – Affirmation Day 1

From the depth of my heart My spirit brings back the breath of God in me My mind is open to electrifying experience with God The presence of God overwhelms me As I arose to my place in Christ Like the rising sun that shines. Everything dead in me spiritually awake now My spiritual antenna … Continue reading AWAKENING – Affirmation Day 1


AWAKENING: Morning Session Day1

Do you know that when you have certain knowledge about things related to prayer, your prayer life will be much easier because most times there are some prayers we don’t have to be praying at all? You see the total summary of a believer is PRAYER AND THE WORD. You need to have the knowledge … Continue reading AWAKENING: Morning Session Day1

Prayer Conference – AWAKENING

Prayer is not just the legitimate communication conduit between God and man but also an avenue for us to sustain and increase the power of God in us, not just to create a supernatural transformation within us but also our environments. So, Prayer is not an option it a necessity. Join us in this edition … Continue reading Prayer Conference – AWAKENING