The True Test of Spiritual Maturity – by Joyce Meyer


More than anything else, God wants us to have genuine, pure, fervent love for Him and for others. If we can manage only one thing in our lives, it should be to love other people.

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Seven Things the Anointing will do for You by Benny Hinn


We live in a day that is filled with both unthinkable peril and unimaginable opportunity. And if ever there was a time in history when the body of Christ needed God’s anointing power, it is now! But what is the anointing, how do you move into it, and how do you see it increase?
The anointing is the overflow of Christ in your life! It comes to us as we spend time in God’s Word, seek Him with our whole heart, and worship Him. Jesus said:
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You, Jesus and Religion!


How are you doing dear reader?
Yes ooo its You and Religion with Jesus Christ,
first I will like to start by saying you as a
christian, Who is a Christian?
To me Christian simply means Christ like, those
that act like Jesus Christ doing what what
Christ can Do, Done and What he is going to do,

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He heals because he loves you

He Heals You Because He Loves You

My friend, have you ever found yourself wondering, “Will God heal me if I come to Him?”

The answer to your question found in God’s own Word is this: Yes, He will. For this simple reason: He loves you.

In the Gospels, we see how people from near and far would bring their sick to Him for healing. Jesus didn’t turn them away or put them through a “sin-test” first. The Bible says, “whatever their sickness or disease, or if they were demon possessed or epileptic or paralyzed—he healed them all” (Matt. 4:24 NLT).

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Trust that can never fail

Trust is a word that people love to use a lot and enjoy getting it from people but most people lack this word TRUST, they found it difficult to be trusted, I’m not saying I’m a saint here, but we all want to earn trust and some of us lack the trust either indirectly or directly, voluntarily or not, we lack it in way.

Trust can be seen as reliance or dependence on something, allow me to say it’s simply faith because if we look at it critically they both work hand in hand.  Trust is a two side of a coin;Read More »

Book Review: (The Triumphant Church by Kenneth E. Hagin)

The Truiuphat Church frong image.jpgHey its a brand new month and I want us to start this month with this book titled The triumphant Church authored by Kenneth E. Hagin.

The author gave us three types of Church in  his book, were he said that:

  • The militant church depict a body of believers who are not yet seated in heavenly places in Christ and are still battling to gain victory over an enemy that hasn’t been defeated yet.

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This was written by a friend of mine,I think you guyz need to read this.


Idealism, a formGodsam of humanism is one of the most deceptive and destructive disguises of the religion spirit. Idealism tries to impose standards on others that are beyond what God has requires or has given GRACE for.

An individual with the religious spirit will usually seek the perfect church and refuse to be a part of anything less.  They constantly criticize, judge, and condemn people easily based on their standard of holiness and righteousness which is not from God. These kind of people can point to problems with great accuracy but they usually offer no solutions except to tear down what has already been built. Religious spirit is a deadly spirit that takes someone outside God’s grace. Beware! Its not your job to condemn but to pray, intercede, and correct with.

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