Guardian Angels Still protect; Live on Security Camera

On a photo posted by a pastor in East Jordan, is a guardian angel above a vehicle, showing as a valid that God protects His people.

As posted by the pastor, Jordan Rivers on Facebook stated that;

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Do you know Character is in two folds?
You have to fight over one for the other to prevail and anyone that prevails forms your character.
What are these so called Qualities to fight for?

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DID YOU KNOW; The first Bible to be numbered in verses?

  • The Bible has inspired more song lyrics than any other book, including “40” (U2), “Adam Raised a Cain,” (Bruce Springsteen), “Adam’s Apple” (Aerosmith), “All you Zombies” (The Hooters), “Be Still” (Kelly Clarkson), “Blackened” (Metallica), “Cinnamon Girl” (Prince), “Come Sail Away (Styx), “Every Grain of Sand” (Bob Dylan), “I am God” (Kanye West) and many more.

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