Practical Definition of Christianity;Pope Francis gets N76m Lamborghini as gift and donates it to charity


On Wednesday, Pope Francis was given a white-painted special edition of Lamborghini Huracan as a gift, which sells for around 180,000 euros (N76m), but the pontiff gave it to charity.
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Moving Chapel Out on the Field to Harvest Souls.

A Virginia minister wanted to do something big and ended up going small.
“I stumbled upon the tiny house movement,” said Rev. Bil Malbon.
Malbon took that idea and designed a tiny chapel. The 100 square-foot space comes complete with a vaulted ceiling, solid oak floors and gothic windows.
“I always knew I wanted it to be the old country church, I wanted it to be recognizable right away,” said Malbon.

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UPDATE: ‘You Feel the Raw Presence of God:’ Thousands Encounter Christ at Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Crusade

After a remarkable 50 years of preaching the gospel throughout Africa, Christ for All Nation’s Reinhard Bonnke has high expectations that his farewell crusade will have a major impact on the nation of Nigeria.Massive crowds have already begun flocking to Lagos for the crusade, which takes place November 8th- November 12th. Read More »

DID YOU KNOW this Biblical Facts?


1. The Bible was written in three languages
Those languages are Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Most of our Old Testament was written in Hebrew, which was the language the original readers spoke. A few bits of the Old Testament were written Aramaic (looking at you, Ezra and Daniel). The New Testament was written in Greek, the commonly-spoken language of the time.
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