Areas you need Capacity – Pastor Femi Lazarus

You need capacity in different areas to become fit for all that God will have you do. You need Spiritual capacity, this is strength in your spirit man, it comes when you interact more not just with the things of God but with God. Your functionality in the spirit realm becomes stronger and sharper. You … Continue reading Areas you need Capacity – Pastor Femi Lazarus

Opening Charge – Peniel 2020 [UN-FIT]

UNFIT literally means when something is in a flabby condition or unstable, imbalance state. We both know that anything that not in a proper state can never function in the fullest capacity expected. Same thing to you and I, if your life is unfit there is no way you want to be productive in the … Continue reading Opening Charge – Peniel 2020 [UN-FIT]

Dunamis Dedicates 100,000 Capacity Auditorium.

The new 100, 000 seating capacity was dedicated today, after just four years of construction. The journey begin when the Father to the ministry Bishop David Oyedepo officiated at the ground breaking ceremony in November 2014. Bishop at the Ceremony However, the new Dunamis International Gospel Centre Headquarters popularly known as The Glory Sanctuary in … Continue reading Dunamis Dedicates 100,000 Capacity Auditorium.