You know that feeling of waking up so bright and happy and you say to yourself, "I'll enjoy the best out of today. I will walk in love. I will do this and I will do that". This was exactly what happened to me. Now, to my story… I woke up that faithful morning feeling … Continue reading WHO PLANS YOUR DAY?



There are brothers and sisters who have taken part in series of Prayers and Fasting who are still keeping their girl-friends and boy-friends within the church or outside the church on the campus or in the office. There are those who, despite all series of prayers and fasting programs, and yet, still find it hard … Continue reading DONT TRY IT….IT WONT WORK


Growing up as a child, I discovered that one of the gifts God blessed me with is the gift of drawing, painting and making out designs out of anything. Leonardo Da Vinci became one man whose drawings fascinated me, particularly because of his attention to details, foresight, and his mind blowing paintings, from Mona Lisa … Continue reading HE WAS JESUS AND HE WAS JUDAS – Pastor Femi Lazarus


Marriage is not a prison, marriage is not frustration, marriage is not a punishment. Marriage is a blessing and everyone can have that. Bad marriage is a choice. The fact that you agreed to marry someone does not mean you agreed or allowed yourself to be maltreated. Marriage is not for everyone. Marriage is one … Continue reading BAD MARRIAGE IS A CHOICE


Life is like a journey where the side attractions along the road are like distractions to humans. Humans have inbuilt in them a lot of weaknesses which if not control might lead to their doom. Nobody can boldly claim not to have one or two issues he is battling. One person's weakness might be another … Continue reading FOUR (4) THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER START IN YOUR LIFE


But you shall recieve power(ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,...(Acts 1:8 AMP). Often, people ask how they can become more effective in their work or in life generally; they want to know how to develop an effective personality. Well, irrespective of the job you do, God wants you to … Continue reading DEVELOPING AN EFFECTIVE PERSONALITY! – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


I am a young man with a lot of prophecy spoken concern my life and destiny. Being born into a Christan Home, the powers from my fathers house fought my dad with the Spirit of Addiction till date. My father is now weak because the evil power has really separated him from the knowledge of … Continue reading THE SPIRIT OF ADDICTION


- Pastor Bimbo Animashaun Wisdom is key to success on the earth. The Bible affirms the preeminence, indispensability and majesty of wisdom: PROVERBS 4:7 WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPAL THING; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Wisdom therefore is an ESSENTIAL; not an ACCESSORY. From Scriptures, what are the attributes of wise … Continue reading SEVEN ATTRIBUTES OF WISE PEOPLE!!!

5 Things Pastors Need to Stop Doing Immediately

Pastors, we are not just cheerleaders, we are game-changers. We are called to stir and to convict so that change takes place. Granted, there are many wonderful pastors and churches—I appreciate their ministry, but, as a whole, the church has drifted off course. They have lost the compass of truth - many are more concerned about … Continue reading 5 Things Pastors Need to Stop Doing Immediately


Evolution sun!Revolute not!Apt Addiction!Smoothen for more than the crumb,Into lawlessly fighting.With boils of words,Bastardising Authorities,Altering ails to their Ambitions,Lyrics sprouting for their recite,Elders' worth-paying no credit,Meadow budding thorns-eyeless,Combating dead deeds.Fear homicide integrity diurnal,Sinuous thru surge of the lane.Mammals take non-lightly chaps clemency,Object injustice with life.Birds lock not birdie ova,We see but we have shut our … Continue reading [POEM]: DEAD DEEDS – Opeyemi DUROTOYE

PENIEL 2018 [DAY 3]; Character In Plan, Purpose and Pursuit – Matthew Olotu

Compiled by Modupe Fadairo No doubt that Character has been judiciously defined by our two speakers. So, we won't dwell much on the definition of character but the place of character in the fulfilment of destiny as relates to Plans, Purpose and Pursuit Destiny has two legs- Capacity and Character You can not run on … Continue reading PENIEL 2018 [DAY 3]; Character In Plan, Purpose and Pursuit – Matthew Olotu

PENIEL 2018 [DAY 2]; Character in Learning – Olaoluwa Ladeloye

Compiled by Lawal Modupe Mary CHARACTER IS LIFE Character is a pointer to a man's destiny, It is the Driver. Sow a thought, reap an act, sow an act, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character reap a destiny. CHARACTER IS DESTINY While Capacity is container, Character is the content. … Continue reading PENIEL 2018 [DAY 2]; Character in Learning – Olaoluwa Ladeloye

PENIEL 2018 [DAY 1]; character and Integrity – Tolu Ahmed

Today, I'll be sharing with you "The Law of Character-Building". First, I’ll share a few things and work you through the clear meaning of each of #CharacterAndIntegrity I’ll recommend a book for you that helped me build mine and share the summary. Afterwards, we’ll take questions! Character building = habit forming. To develop good character, … Continue reading PENIEL 2018 [DAY 1]; character and Integrity – Tolu Ahmed


Do you know Character is in two folds? You have to fight over one for the other to prevail and anyone that prevails forms your character. What are these so called Qualities to fight for? 📌Love vs. Selfishness 📌Humility vs. Pride 📌Obedience vs. Willfulness 📌Gentleness vs. Harshness 📌Resourcefulness vs. Wastefulness 📌Punctuality vs. Tardiness 📌Patience vs. … Continue reading CHARACTER IS A WAR!

PENIEL 2018: Join the Link Now to Participate

➡CHARACTER IS WHO YOU ARE WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING.➡IT IS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU, WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE➡ YOUR CHARACTER MUCH MORE THAN YOUR REPUTATION.There are several Components of good CHARACTERC- considerance✅H- Humility.✅A- accuracy.✅R- Rationale✅A- action .✅C- controllability.✅T- Teachability.✅E- Empathy.✅R- Reliable.✅JOIN THIS LINK FOR INDEPTH TEACHINGS ON THIS TOPIC BY GREAT … Continue reading PENIEL 2018: Join the Link Now to Participate


D.L. Moody said "Character is what you are in the dark." Do you really know what Christian Character is all about? Do you want to know? Real, authentic Christian character is formed by our commitment to Christ. When we surrender to Christ and allow His piercing work to grow and enrich us, so that the … Continue reading REGISTRATION OPENS FOR PENIEL 2018