Join Our Online 3-Days Prayer Conference – DIVINE DIRECTION

Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. - Isaiah 48:17 Join us in this virtual ignition experience of prayer conference, kindly check flyer for details or click the link to … Continue reading Join Our Online 3-Days Prayer Conference – DIVINE DIRECTION


Day 2 Peniel20 [Unfit] Financial Fitness – Adeniran Oladele

I want you to know that when we talk about finances, we are simply talking about money and God never leave us in the dark about this.....he wants us to have money and be financially fitted. A poor and financially un-fit man cannot serve God appropriately, Zechariah 1:17 (pharaoh tased) captured this clearly that through … Continue reading Day 2 Peniel20 [Unfit] Financial Fitness – Adeniran Oladele

Day 1: Peniel20 [Unfit] Emotional Fitness – Godsgift Unwana

I'll like to begin with a question that I like to ask when I'm facilitating a training session. What is one of your favourite childhood memories?The brain produces a chemical called serotonin when you recall happy memories or think about things that make you happy.Serotonin is a happiness hormone. So let me remind you again … Continue reading Day 1: Peniel20 [Unfit] Emotional Fitness – Godsgift Unwana

Opening Charge – Peniel 2020 [UN-FIT]

UNFIT literally means when something is in a flabby condition or unstable, imbalance state. We both know that anything that not in a proper state can never function in the fullest capacity expected. Same thing to you and I, if your life is unfit there is no way you want to be productive in the … Continue reading Opening Charge – Peniel 2020 [UN-FIT]

Announcing Peniel 2020 themed Unfit [Register Now]

Knowledge makes a man unfit to be slave. This online conference tagged PENIEL is a medium where we discover answers to questions affecting the society which hinder us from living a positive life in accordance with God’s will. That is why we have chosen to tackle, discuss and shed more light on some issues, ranging … Continue reading Announcing Peniel 2020 themed Unfit [Register Now]

CONTRAVENTION – Night Hour Day 1

Before we go into prayer fully, there is a need for us to know some things about our focus so that we won’t pray in the wrong direction which does not guarantee answers. Trust me this has been one of the major challenges of many Christians, they can pray from now till Jesus comes but … Continue reading CONTRAVENTION – Night Hour Day 1

Prayer Conference 2.0 – CONTRAVENTION

PRAYER is one of the major ways to define your life especially, your spiritual life, the time and length of your prayer is not what really matters but the intensity of the prayer in Spirit and in truth. Prayer is a communication and for every communication there must be a feedback, failure to receive feedback … Continue reading Prayer Conference 2.0 – CONTRAVENTION


Intro: Before we go into prayer, there is a need for us to have full understanding of what we are praying for, so that we won’t be asking when we are meant to be seeking. Some of us don’t need to pray certain prayers again, if only we could understand our focus. Let s begin … Continue reading [INTENSITY]: DAY 1: DESTINY – Oluwaseun AFOLABI

Prayer Conference: INTENSITY

Most times the distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between our knees and the floor. Prayer is fellowshipping or communing with God and the best way to do that is among people of the same mind. That is why this Virtual prayer conference is meant for these Four categories: 1⃣ Those … Continue reading Prayer Conference: INTENSITY

PENIEL 2018 [DAY 2]; Character in Learning – Olaoluwa Ladeloye

Compiled by Lawal Modupe Mary CHARACTER IS LIFE Character is a pointer to a man's destiny, It is the Driver. Sow a thought, reap an act, sow an act, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character reap a destiny. CHARACTER IS DESTINY While Capacity is container, Character is the content. … Continue reading PENIEL 2018 [DAY 2]; Character in Learning – Olaoluwa Ladeloye

PENIEL 2018 [DAY 1]; character and Integrity – Tolu Ahmed

Today, I'll be sharing with you "The Law of Character-Building". First, I’ll share a few things and work you through the clear meaning of each of #CharacterAndIntegrity I’ll recommend a book for you that helped me build mine and share the summary. Afterwards, we’ll take questions! Character building = habit forming. To develop good character, … Continue reading PENIEL 2018 [DAY 1]; character and Integrity – Tolu Ahmed


Do you know Character is in two folds? You have to fight over one for the other to prevail and anyone that prevails forms your character. What are these so called Qualities to fight for? 📌Love vs. Selfishness 📌Humility vs. Pride 📌Obedience vs. Willfulness 📌Gentleness vs. Harshness 📌Resourcefulness vs. Wastefulness 📌Punctuality vs. Tardiness 📌Patience vs. … Continue reading CHARACTER IS A WAR!


D.L. Moody said "Character is what you are in the dark." Do you really know what Christian Character is all about? Do you want to know? Real, authentic Christian character is formed by our commitment to Christ. When we surrender to Christ and allow His piercing work to grow and enrich us, so that the … Continue reading REGISTRATION OPENS FOR PENIEL 2018