In Triune God, I believe In God our father, I believe In Christ the Son, I believe In the Holy Spirit, I believe In resurrection, I believe Life everlasting Life eternal Life in resurrection Life in crucifixion Life in jubilation Descended into darkness Ascended with light Our judge, our defender He rose in glorious life … Continue reading CREED II



Creaming in a dream of realityReciting shallow mind mentalityExcusing not every detailException to crueltyDenouncing desired act of frivolityCraving to attestReading state of testEnduring day of unrestEn-pouching days of detestDevotion western towards eastConviction sad to seeRepentance far to seeExhortation of SadduceesExpression of PhariseesDelving out gentiles to JewishCape up unto a principleReducing the principalExtracting municipalEloquent bent unbeliefDo … Continue reading CREED I