Four Foundational Truths To Guide us Through Life

Four Foundational Truths To Guide us Through Life are: 1. God’s Voice from Heaven in Rev. 4-5 describes the Real Heaven: There is only one Real Heaven and Rev. 4-5 describes what it looks like, so none of the other accounts that you read or hear about Heaven, other than the truths of God's Word, … Continue reading Four Foundational Truths To Guide us Through Life

10 Bible Verses on Divine Direction

Either metaphorically or literally, we have all had times when we lose direction. There are times when we feel without purpose, feel confused, and feel unsure about the path we're taking or where we're truly going. Thankfully, you're not the only one who has felt this way. To be honest, this is an age old … Continue reading 10 Bible Verses on Divine Direction


We will be checking out Joseph Prince’s Daily Devotional guide – Daily grace inspiration is teaching us: But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew 10:30 As much as I love my wife and daughter, I have never bothered to count the number of hairs on their heads. I don’t have the … Continue reading GOD KNOWS YOU INTIMATELY

Read the Instructions – kate [loop] hannon

  Susie felt completely overwhelmed. She had so much to do…and she didn’t feel good on top of it. She decided to make herself a smoothie, hopeful it would give her some energy. She’d never used her new blender, but that was okay. She was confident she could figure it out. She threw her ingredients … Continue reading Read the Instructions – kate [loop] hannon