- Pastor Bimbo AnimashaunSometimes in marriage, based on exigencies of the moment or superior reasons triggered by current realities, you have to GIVE UP SOME RIGHTS for the greater good and betterment of the marriage. You cannot ALWAYS hold on to your RIGHTS and be referred to as a sensitive partner.Marriage sometimes demands A LEVEL … Continue reading “RIGHTS” AND “RIGHTNESS” IN MARRIAGE!!!


HOW TO MANAGE YOUR HOME (2) – Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Previously, I showed you the duties of the husband in managing the home. Today, we will focus on what God has to say about the woman in relation to home management. As you plug into this truth, God’s purpose for your home will be accomplished in Jesus mighty name! The home is very precious in … Continue reading HOW TO MANAGE YOUR HOME (2) – Pastor Faith Oyedepo


As we travel around, we come across many of them. Especially, when one reason (logical or illogical) has separated the couples to live apart for Business, Academic, Professional, or whatever reasons. Churches are full of Single Mothers and Fathers, Separated couples, and Divorcees. The Devil is breaking Homes and tearing Marriages apart like pieces of … Continue reading BROKEN HOMES AND CRUMBLED MARRIAGES

How do I handle a jealous spouse?

Jealousy is a sense of uneasiness or anxiety stemming from fear of preference being given to another, or fear of loss of position or affection. Actually, you can’t handle jealousy. You can, however, confirm your love by acts of attention and affection and by words of admiration and appreciation. But only God can resolve jealousy in a … Continue reading How do I handle a jealous spouse?


· Laziness kills marriage · Suspicion kills marriage · Lack of trust kills marriage · Lack of mutual respect kills marriage · Unforgiveness kills marriage (Forgiveness is not optional but mandatory) · Arguments kills marriage · Keeping secrets from your spouse kills marriage · Every form of infidelity kills marriage (financial, emotional, psychological, material, etc) … Continue reading KILLERS OF MARRIAGE

What you Don’t know about the word “FOR BETTER for WORSE” – MARRIAGE VOW

APOSTLE SULEMAN JUST CHANGED OUR WHOLE THINKING ABOUT "FOR BETTER for WORSE" - MARRIAGE VOW - If you are used to attending Nigeria weddings you will be familiar with many Marriage quotes like "for better for worse", "till death do us apart" and many quotes you can think of that are normally used in Nigeria … Continue reading What you Don’t know about the word “FOR BETTER for WORSE” – MARRIAGE VOW


Welcome on board #RELATIONSHIPMATTERS Beloved. This morning we'll take off from where we stopped last time on the topic, "MARRIAGE OR MIRAGE?" and this will be the third part of this teaching. If you've not read the first and second part of this teaching, please do well to go through them on my timeline so … Continue reading MARRIAGE OR MIRAGE? Part Three

How We Ignorantly Destroy Our Marital – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Many of you, even though your husband's are physically alive, some of you have killed them with the way you speak to them. You disrespect your husband in such a way that the man has forgotten his first name. You talk to him anyhow because you think, you are a bit better off.. please do … Continue reading How We Ignorantly Destroy Our Marital – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo