This ought to humble you

Imagine being in a cinema and you suddenly find yourself inside the movie set. You hear the director giving direction and you see the actors. You get to see things through the eyes of both the director and the actors. There are thus two views of reality: the director's view and that of the actors. … Continue reading This ought to humble you


SHORT STORY: Don’t Ignore the Flies

The fly seemed harmless enough at first. One had slipped into the house when the door was open. Simon thought about swatting it with the fly swatter, but he was busy and the fly wasn’t all that distracting. What harm could there be in letting it fly around? The next week when Simon went to … Continue reading SHORT STORY: Don’t Ignore the Flies


- Pastor Bimbo Animashaun IGNORANCE is not cured by IMPARTATION; it is cured by TEACHING, or what we call EXPOSITION or EXPLANATION. You cannot pastor effectively without TEACHING. Every TEACHER is not a PASTOR but every PASTOR must be able to TEACH "at their own level". Nothing complicates the work of a Pastor like an … Continue reading THE ROLE OF TEACHING IN PASTORING!!!