No body have an advantage by default, you make your advantage Listen am not exciting you, I show how men rise in this kingdom. You carry one of Nathaniel Bassey shofa sounding session and play it and dance like a mad man for 3 hours after that you water it down with tongues for another … Continue reading PRIESTHOOD INTELLIGENCE – Apostle Joshua Selman

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN MINISTRY!!! (Lesson In Ministerial Relationships)

-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun Ministers today need to develop emotional intelligence like never before. If there's one thing that ministers of the Gospel should show towards each other, it is emotional intelligence. Lack of emotional intelligence in ministry will cost you precious ministerial relationships. Lack of emotional intelligence will also affect the image of your ministry … Continue reading EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN MINISTRY!!! (Lesson In Ministerial Relationships)

BOOK REVIEW: Unmasked – Adeosun Samuel

I just finished reading a wonderful Book! titled; Unmasked. This Book is authored by the phenomenal Samuel Adeosun. A Book that teaches on understanding the spirituality and science of your uniqueness. Oh my! It was yet a great encounter while reading through. Sam unapologetically illustrated the greatest discovery any man can have in his possession … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Unmasked – Adeosun Samuel