[INTENSITY: Morning Chrage] What you Need to Know About PRAYER. [Part One]

The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. Prayer is a form of communication between man and God. There is a place of asking and there is place of receiving, so if you don’t ask you can’t receive. But the most interesting part is that … Continue reading [INTENSITY: Morning Chrage] What you Need to Know About PRAYER. [Part One]



The first thing I want you to know is that success is never defined by what you have in your account or in your possession ❗❗ *Success therefore is defined by who you have and not what you have*❗❗ Hence... When I talk about who you have, I'm not talking about the people around you.... … Continue reading [INTENSITY] DAY TWO: SUCCESS- Adeosun SAMUEL


Intro: Before we go into prayer, there is a need for us to have full understanding of what we are praying for, so that we won’t be asking when we are meant to be seeking. Some of us don’t need to pray certain prayers again, if only we could understand our focus. Let s begin … Continue reading [INTENSITY]: DAY 1: DESTINY – Oluwaseun AFOLABI

[INTENSITY] Affirmation on Destiny.

Because I was created to be unique, be the best among equals and with my agreement with God for a greater destiny, I therefore, affirm: To live for my dreams and achieve it is my goal To the point of joyful, successful fulfillment Every aspects of my life are successful My worthy is to prosperous … Continue reading [INTENSITY] Affirmation on Destiny.